Mark 9:24b - Faith Enough

Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief. Mark 9:24b (KJV)

To approach anything in the spirit of hopelessness is to make it hopeless;
to approach anything in the spirit of faith is to make it a possibility.
[Barclay Commentary]

This brings out an essential element of Christian faith - it is possible
only with the help of the One who is its Object. [Bible Knowledge

The attitude of trust and confidence that the Bible calls belief or faith
(Hebrews 11:1, 6) is not something we can obtain without help. Faith is a
gift from God (Ephes. 2:8-9). No matter how much faith we have, we never
reach the point of being self-sufficient. Faith is not stored away like
money in the bank. Growing in faith is a constant process of daily renewing
our trust in Jesus. [Life Application SB]

The point here is not that the believer's faith enables God to work. God is
not limited by our lack of faith. The point is that our ability to receive
is limited by the absence of faith. . . .While Jesus has all power, it
requires faith to open up our lives to experience that power. This does not
mean that we must have a perfect faith. In all of us, faith and unbelief
remain in tension. But we must have enough faith to come to Jesus and appeal
to Him if He is to act for us. [Victor Bible Background Commentary]

Those that complain of unbelief, must look up to Christ for grace to help
them against it, and his grace shall be sufficient for them. (Matthew
Henry's Commentary)

We do believe. But we still need help for our unbelief. Jesus accepts even
imperfect faith and generously works His miracles in our lives. As we
continue to grow in our relationships with Him, He does indeed "help our
unbelief," gradually replacing it with a more perfect trust in Him. [Victor
Teacher's Commentary]

You have to talk faith, you have to live faith, you have to act faith, that
you may have an increase of faith; and thus exercising that living faith you
will grow to be strong men and women in Christ Jesus (MS 1, 1889).