Luke 10:27 - The Greatesther Commandment

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul,
and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as
thyself. Luke 10:27 (KJV)

To love God in the sense here stated and implied is to dedicate to His
service one's entire being, the affections, the life, the physical powers,
and the intellect. [SDA Commentary]

The form of the lawyer's answer was entirely correct; what he lacked was
spiritual insight into the application of this principle to his life. He
knew the letter of the law, but not its spirit. This knowledge comes only
when the principles of the law are applied to the life.  Legal righteousness
never satisfies the soul, for there is something vital lacking until the
love of God takes control of the life. Only as a man fully surrenders
himself to the influence of that love can he truly keep the spirit of the
law. [SDA Commentary]

God's requirement for eternal life is to love Him supremely and to love your
neighbor as much as yourself. No one can love in these ways without the help
which God gives through faith in Christ. [Disciple SB]

        True holiness is wholeness in the service of God. This is the
condition of true Christian living. Christ asks for an unreserved
consecration, for undivided service. He demands the heart, the mind,
the soul, the strength. Self is not to be cherished. He who lives to
himself is not a Christian.
        Love must be the principle of action. Love is the underlying
principle of God's government in heaven and earth, and it must be
the foundation of the Christian's character. This alone can make and
keep him steadfast. This alone can enable him to withstand trial and
        And love will be revealed in sacrifice. The plan of redemption was
laid in sacrifice--a sacrifice so broad and deep and high that it is
immeasurable. Christ gave all for us, and those who receive Christ
will be ready to sacrifice all for the sake of their Redeemer. The
thought of His honor and glory will come before anything else.
        If we love Jesus, we shall love to live for Him, to present our
thank offerings to Him, to labor for Him. The very labor will be
light. For His sake we shall covet pain and toil and sacrifice. We
shall sympathize with His longing for the salvation of men. We shall
feel the same tender craving for souls that He has felt.
        This is the religion of Christ. Anything short of it is a deception.
No mere theory of truth or profession of discipleship will save any
soul. We do not belong to Christ unless we are His wholly. COL48-50

In the end we will be judged not by the creed we hold but by the life we
live. [Barclay Commentary]