Acts 2:38 - Repentance And Power

Repent and be baptized, every one of you,
in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.
And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Acts 2:38 (NIV)

"I," said Jesus, "when I am lifted up from the earth will draw all men to
myself" (Jn 12:32). Every man has had a hand in that crime.  Once a
missionary told the story of Jesus in an Indian village.  Afterwards he
showed the life of Christ in lantern slides thrown against the white-washed
wall of a house. When the Cross appeared on the wall, one man rose from the
audience and ran forward. "Come down from that Cross, Son of God," he cried.
"I, not you, should be hanging there." The Cross, when we understand what
happened there, must pierce the heart. [Barclay Commentary]

        What does repentance mean? The word originally meant an
afterthought.  Often a second thought shows that the first thought
was wrong; and so the word came to mean a Change of mind. But, if a
man is honest, a change of mind demands a change of action.
Repentance must involve both change of mind and change of action. A
man may change his mind and come to see that his actions were wrong
but be so much in love with his old ways that he will not change
them. A man may change his ways but his mind remains the same,
changing only because of fear or prudence. True repentance involves
a change of mind and a change of action.
        When repentance comes something happens to the past. There is God's
forgiveness for what lies behind. Let us be quite clear that the
consequences of sins are not wiped out.  Not even God can do that.
When we sin we may well do something to ourselves and to others
which cannot be undone.
        When repentance comes something happens for the future. We receive
the gift of the Holy Spirit and in that power we can win battles we
never thought to win and resist things which by ourselves we would
have been powerless to resist. [Barclay Commentary]

Repent. To change one's mind; specifically, here, about Jesus of Nazareth,
and to acknowledge Him as Lord (= God) and Christ (= Messiah). Such
repentance brings salvation. There is also a repentance needed in the
Christian life in relation to specific sins (2 Cor. 7:9; Rev. 2:5) and a
repentance that has nothing to do with salvation (Matt. 21:28-30). [Ryrie

Repentance is sorrow for sin and turning away from it. [Adult SS Quarterly,

If you want to follow Christ, you must "turn from sin . . . and be
baptized." To "turn from sin" means changing the direction of your life from
selfishness and rebellion against God's laws. At the same time, you must
turn to Christ, depending on him for forgiveness, mercy, guidance, and
purpose. We cannot save ourselves-only God can save us. Baptism identifies
us with Christ and with the community of believers. It is a condition of
discipleship and a sign of faith. [Life Application SB]

Repentance and confession of Christ's name are the way. Baptism is the
outward, public symbol of repentance and confession. With repentance and
baptism they received the gift of the Holy Spirit. [Disciple SB]

To separate from wicked people, is the only way to save ourselves from them.
Those who repent of their sins, and give up themselves to Jesus Christ, must
prove their sincerity by breaking off from the wicked. We must save
ourselves from them; which denotes avoiding them with dread and holy fear.
[Matthew Henry Commentary]