1 Kings 18:21 - Which God Do You Serve

"How long will you waver between two opinions?
If the LORD is God, follow him;
but if Baal is God, follow him."
1 Ki 18:21 (NIV)

"How long hop ye about upon two boughs?" This is a metaphor taken from birds
hopping about from bough to bough, not knowing on which to settle. Perhaps
the idea of limping through lameness should not be overlooked. They were
halt, they could not walk uprightly; they dreaded Jehovah, and therefore
could not totally abandon him; they feared the king and queen, and therefore
thought they must embrace the religion of the state. Their conscience
forbade them to do the former; their fear of man persuaded them to do the
latter; but in neither were they heartily engaged; (Adam Clarke Commentary)

Elijah stood before them and challenged them to end their doublemindedness,
wavering between two opinions. It was not good to try to "walk the fence"
worshiping two gods. [Bible Knowledge Commentary]

Israel's sin was not that of totally rejecting Yahweh, but of seeking to
combine His worship with Baal worship. [Ryrie SB]

Elijah reproved the people for mixing the worship of God and the worship of
Baal together. Not only some Israelites worshipped God and others Baal, but
the same Israelites sometimes worshipped one and sometimes the other. This
he calls (v. 21) halting between two opinions, or thoughts. They worshipped
God to please the prophets, but worshipped Baal to please Jezebel and curry
favour at court. . . . It is dangerous to halt between the service of God
and the service of sin, the dominion of Christ and the dominion of our
lusts. If Jesus be the only Saviour, let us cleave to him alone for every
thing; if the Bible be the world of God, let us reverence and receive the
whole of it, and submit our understanding to the Divine teaching it
contains. (Matthew Henry's Commentary)

Why did so many people waver between the two choices? Perhaps some were not
sure. Many, however, knew that the Lord was God, but they enjoyed the sinful
pleasures and other benefits that came with following Ahab in his idolatrous
worship. It is important to take a stand for the Lord. If we just drift
along with whatever is pleasant and easy, we will someday discover that we
have been worshiping a false god--ourselves. [Life Application SB]

Man is made to worship and he will worship something.  It ought to be
Almighty God.  But man is very inventive in this regard and may worship
stone, wood, money, lust, another person, an idea or many other things. And
what man worships, man serves. Let your service be rendered unto God
Almighty.  It is the only service that has eternal value and whose product
will continue on throughout all eternity, to God's glory and your benefit.
Be warned, anything less than God that you serve, the product of that
service will be burned up and destroyed.  Today, choose to serve the Lord.
[In His Time; Walk With Wisdom re Jos.24:15]