Psalm 141:4 - Pray For Right Desires

Incline not my heart to any evil thing, Psa 141:4 (KJV)

A plea that God will keep him from speaking, desiring or doing what is evil.

David prays for a godly separation from the words, thoughts, practices, and
fellowship of the ungodly. [Ryrie SB]

David asked God to guard his heart. Evil acts begin with evil desires. It
isn't enough to ask God to keep you away from temptation, make you stronger,
or change your circumstances. You must ask him to change you on the
inside--at the level of your desires. [Life Application SB]

While we live in an evil world, and have such evil hearts, we have need to
pray that we may neither be drawn nor driven to do any thing sinful.
[Matthew Henry]

Keep me from wanting to give in to temptations or to do evil. Psa 141:4