Acts 26:20 - Repent, Turn to God and Do the Works of Repentance.

Repent and turn to God and do deeds consistent with repentance. Acts 26:20

The Greek word for repent literally means change one's mind. To repent means
to realize that the kind of life we are living is wrong and that we must
adopt a completely new set of values. To that end, it involves two things.
It involves sorrow for what we have been and it involves the resolve that by
the grace of God we will be changed. [Barclay Commentary]

Paul is not here advocating righteousness by works, but the kind of "works"
that characterize a life that has attained to righteousness by faith in
Christ. He does not mean that it is possible to earn righteousness by the
performance of certain deeds, but rather that true righteousness
automatically produces deeds commensurate with, and that attest to, the
presence of the grace of God in the life. . . . The man of faith establishes
the law, for he is "created in Christ Jesus unto good works".  Whenever
there is true righteousness by faith, that righteousness is evident in good
works. "Faith without works is dead". [SDA Commentary]

Paul never separated the preaching of repentance from good works. Deeds of
Christian love show a person has repented, that is, turned from sin to God.
This means repentance is a change of direction in one's life, not simply a
statement made once and never acted upon. . . Obedience is the proof of
repentance. [Disciple SB]

The proof of genuine repentance and turning to God is a certain kind of
life. But these deeds are not merely the reaction of someone whose life is
governed by a new series of laws; they are the result of a new love. The man
who has come to know the love of God in Jesus Christ knows now that if he
sins he does not only break God's law; he breaks God's heart. [Barclay

So often we have our backs to God. It may be in thoughtless disregard; it
may be because we have deliberately gone to the far countries of the soul.
We need to turn to God and let the God who was nothing to us become the God
who is everything to us. [Barclay Commentary]

None can be happy who are not holy; and to be saints in heaven we must be
first saints on earth. [Matthew Henry Commentary]