Proverbs 19:2 - Problems from Lack of Knowledge and Hasty Behavior.

Prov 19:2 (NIV)  It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be
hasty and miss the way.

Prov 19:2 (GWT)  A person without knowledge is no good. A person in a hurry
makes mistakes.

Ignorance and haste are common causes of mistakes and sometimes of sin. [SDA

The soul was made for God; and to be without his knowledge, to be
unacquainted with him, is not only not good, but the greatest evil the soul
can suffer, for it involves all other evils. . . . A child does nothing
cautiously, because it is uninstructed; a savage is also rash and
precipitate, till experience instructs him. A man who has not the knowledge
of God is incautious, rash, headstrong, and precipitate: and hence, he
sinneth-- he is continually missing the mark, and wounding his own soul.
(Adam Clarke Commentary)

We often move hastily through life, rushing headlong into the unknown. Many
people marry without knowing what to expect of their partner or of married
life. Others try illicit sex or drugs without considering the consequences.
Some plunge into jobs without evaluating whether they are suitable to that
line of work. Don't rush into the unknown. Be sure you understand what
you're getting into and where you want to go before you take the first step.
And if it still seems unknown, be sure you are following God. [Life
Application SB]

Zeal refers not so much to ecstatic exuberance as to ambitious drive which
without adequate knowledge may lead to hasty blunders. Such haste (cf. 21:5;
29:20) may result in a person missing the way, that is, making mistakes. As
the modern-day proverb puts it, "Haste makes waste." [Bible Knowledge

Keep close to God and to your duty. Wait on the Lord by faith, and prayer,
and a humble resignation to his will; wait, I say, on the Lord; whatever you
do, grow not remiss in your attendance upon God. Keep up your spirits in the
midst of the greatest dangers and difficulties: Be of good courage; let your
hearts be fixed, trusting in God, and your minds stayed upon him, and then
let none of these things move you. Those that wait upon the Lord have reason
to be of good courage. (Matthew Henry's Commentary)

These are strange words to try and apply to our lives in the '90s!  No one
waits for anything or anyone!  We are all in the fast lane doing our own
thing! To wait upon Him takes strength and courage: strength of character to
"will" to wait, and courage to do what others do not. To do something that
has eternal significance, it must be done through the power of the Holy
Spirit, not logic or emotion.  To move out in service of any kind, and do it
in the flesh will profit us nothing. When we come to understand that His
ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts, it will become
easier to wait for the Lord. Have you experienced times in your own life
when you should have waited for the Lord and didn't?  Did you learn the
lesson well, or will you have to suffer again?  Most of us will not come to
an understanding of this vital truth without many failures.  But be
encouraged to keep on trying, and WAIT FOR THE LORD!  [In His Time; Walk
With Wisdom]

Remember that prayer is the source of your strength.  A worker cannot gain
success while he hurries through his prayers and rushes away to look after
something that he fears may be neglected or forgotten.  He gives only a few
hurried thoughts to God; he does not take time to think, to pray, to wait
upon the Lord for a renewal of physical and spiritual strength.  He soon
becomes weary. He does not feel the uplifting, inspiring influence of God's
Spirit.  He is not quickened by fresh life.  His jaded frame and tired brain
are not soothed by personal contact with Christ.  7T243