Romans 7:24,25 - Victory Is In A Relationship With Jesus

Rom 7:24 (NLT)  Oh, what a miserable person I am! Who will free me from this
life that is dominated by sin?
Rom 7:25a (NLT)  Thank God! The answer is in Jesus Christ our Lord.

        If we would know what Christ wants to be to us, we must first of all
know Him as our Saviour from sin.  When the angel came down from
heaven to proclaim that He was to be born into the world, you
remember he gave His name,  "He shall be called Jesus, for he shall
save his people from their sins."  HAVE WE BEEN DELIVERED FROM SIN?
 He did not come to save us in our sins, but from our sins...
        Let us look at Him as He hangs upon the Cross, and see how He has
put away sin.  He was manifested that He might take away our
        But Christ is not only a Saviour.  I might save a man from drowning
and rescue him from an untimely grave; but I might probably not be
able to do any more for him.  Christ is something more than a
Saviour.  When the children of Israel were place behind the blood,
that blood was their salvation; but they would still have heard the
crack of the slave-driver's whip, if they had not been delivered
from the Egyptian yoke of bondage; then it was that God delivered
them from the hand of the King of Egypt.  I have little sympathy
with the idea that God comes down to save us, and then leaves us in
prison, the slaves of our besetting sins.  No; He has come to
deliver us, and to give us victory over our evil tempers, our
passions, and our lusts.  Are you a professed Christian, but one who
is a slave to some besetting sin?  If you want to get victory over
that temper or that lust, go on to know Christ more intimately.  He
brings deliverance for the past, the present, and the future.  [D.
L. Moody; Time with God devotional SB]

To have the religion of Christ means that you have absolutely surrendered
your all to God, and consented to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Through
the gift of the Holy Spirit moral power will be given you, and not only will
you have your former intrusted talents for the service of God, but their
efficiency will be greatly multiplied. The surrender of all our powers to
God greatly simplifies the problem of life. It weakens and cuts short a
thousand struggles with the passions of the natural heart. Religion is as a
golden cord that binds the souls of both youth and aged to Christ. Through
it the willing and obedient are brought safely through dark and intricate
paths to the city of God. MYP30