1 Corinthians 16:14 - Everything Should Flow From Heavenly Love

1 Cor 16:14 (NIV)  Do everything in love.

Let love to God, to man, and to one another, be the motive of all your
conduct. (Adam Clarke Commentary)

Love is the all-conquering quality, the grand solution to all problems. The
counsel given here may be considered as the supreme feature of Paul's
instruction to the Corinthian believers and to all Christians everywhere at
all times. Supreme love for God and unselfish love for men will abolish all
strife, contention, pride, and associated evils. This basic attribute of the
character of God (1 John 4:8) must activate every child of God, so that his
life will be a demonstration of the power of love and a proof of the truth
of the gospel of Jesus Christ. [SDA Commentary]

Standing firm should be in loving care not in proud dogmatism. . Love should
motivate where and how we take courageous stands. As we differ with others,
we must relate to them in love. [Disciple SB mod]

Our zeal and constancy must be consistent with charity. When the apostle
would have us play the man for our faith or religion, he puts in a caution
against playing the devil for it. We may defend our faith, but we must, at
the same time, maintain our innocence, and not devour and destroy, and think
with ourselves that the wrath of man will work the righteousness of God,
. [Matthew Henry Commentary]

Christianity never appears to so much advantage as when the charity of
Christians is most conspicuous when they can bear with their mistaken
brethren, and oppose the open enemies of their holy faith in love, when
every thing is done in charity, when they behave towards one another, and
towards all men, with a spirit of meekness and good will. (Matthew Henry's