Job 28:28 - Real Wisdom And Understanding

The fear of the Lord, that is wisdom;
and to depart from evil is understanding.
Job 28:28 (KJV)

True wisdom is fearing (showing holy respect and reverence for) God and
shunning evil. [Ryrie SB]

"The fear of the Lord" is a key theme in the wisdom literature of the Bible
(Job through Song of Songs). It means to have respect and reverence for God
and to be in awe of his majesty and power. This is the starting point to
finding real wisdom. [Life Application SB]

The major theme of the wisdom books (Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of
Solomon) is introduced: "the fear of the Lord" (28:28). This concept is the
beginning point and the fundamental lesson in one's search for wisdom (Prov.
1:7). The parallel phrase, "And to shun evil is understanding" (28:28),
explains how the fear of the Lord may be practically applied. [New Bible

Essential for humans who seek wisdom is to commit themselves to God and his
purpose (fear the LORD), and to avoid evil acts (Job 28:28). [Cambridge
Annotated SB]

Our best wisdom is to fear and to reverence God. [Disciple SB]

What is wisdom? The answer is given - The fear of the Lord." Proper
recognition of God and submission to Him is the important factor. Humility,
reverence, respect, adoration, faith - these are aspects of the wisdom that
supersedes earthly knowledge. What is understanding? The answer is equally
clear - To depart from evil." Understanding is more than intellectual - it
is ethical. It demands a standard of living. Reverence and rectitude - these
are the two great requirements of God. Micah (ch. 6:8) speaks of these two
character traits as justice and mercy toward man and humility before God.
[SDA Commentary]

The fear of the Lord is the spring and summary of all religion. There is a
slavish fear of God, springing from hard thoughts of him, which is contrary
to religion, . There is a selfish fear of God springing from
dreadful thoughts of him, which may be a good step towards religion, . But there is a filial fear of God, ough meditation on the moral law
and investigation of natural law. Apart from a true recognition of divine
revelation, whether in the natural creation or in the Word, man's meditation
and investigation produce not wisdom but folly. [Wycliffe Bible Commentary]

The essence of wisdom is to fear ("venerate and submit to") the LORD, even
when man cannot understand His ways, and to reject evil, living in accord
with God's standards of holiness. Honoring God (the positive) involves
hating sin (the negative). [Bible Knowledge Commentary]

The first step to attaining wisdom is the hardest; trusting and showing
reverence for God.  This means admitting that we need help and then allowing
God to guide and care for us.  [Life Recovery SB re Pro.1:7]

God knows me! He knows every tear I cry. "Thou hast taken account of my
wanderings; put my tears in Thy bottle" [Psalm 56:8]. God knows every trial
we go through, and His wisdom allows each to happen....
God is perfect in His wisdom. As the sun cannot be without light, neither
can God be without wisdom. He was wisdom originally. Men acquire wisdom
through experience; God has it by essence. He does not have to study or gain
more experience. God has wisdom perfectly. He has absolutely no ignorance.
He has wisdom universally Men are wise in various things. God is wise in all
things. He has wisdom perpetually. Man's wisdom fades near death. God's
Wisdom is perpetual. His wisdom is incomprehensible. The wisdom of one man
may be comprehended by another. "Canst thou by searching find out God?" [Job
11:7] His wisdom is infallible, Even the wisest men fall short of their
goals. God never fails. The God You Can Know by Dan DeHaan [Inspirational

To fear the Lord, and to depart from evil. Let him learn that, and he is
learned enough. Where is this wisdom to be found? The treasures of it are
hid in Christ, revealed by the word, received by faith, through the Holy
Ghost. It will not feed pride or vanity, or amuse our vain curiosity. It
teaches and encourages sinners to fear the Lord, and to depart from evil, in
the exercise of repentance and faith, without desiring to solve all
difficulties about the events of this life. [Matthew Henry Commentary]

Wisdom begins with knowing God. He gives insight into living because he
created life. To know God is not just to know the facts about him, but to
stand in awe of him and have a relationship with him. Do you really want to
be wise? Get to know God better and better. [Life Application SB re Pro.1:7]

In this world of confusion, misrepresentation, and ignorance how wonderful
it is for believers to discover that their God holds wisdom, knowledge, and
understanding.  We need to grasp the omniscience, the all-knowing nature, of
God and realize that it is only through Him that we can become wise and be
taught the truth.  Many run here and there seeking guidance from so-called
professionals.  What God would have us know through this verse is that to
grow wise and gain understanding, we need to know Him!  And while God can
and does use people, He very often would speak to us through His Word or by
His Spirit - if we would but wait upon Him and listen.  Do you desire wisdom
and understanding?  Are you willing to devote yourself to study and prayer?
 Pray about it! [In His Time; Walk With Wisdom re Pro.1:7]