Jeremiah 9:24 - Spiritual Bullet

"Let not the wise man bask in his wisdom,
nor the mighty man in his might,
nor the rich man in his riches.
Let them boast in this alone:
That they truly know me,
Jer 9:24 (TLB)

People tend to admire three qualities in others: human wisdom, power
(strength), and riches. But God puts a higher priority on knowing him
personally and living a life that reflects his justice and righteousness.
What do you want people to admire most about you?  [Life Application SB mod]

Many people spend most of their time increasing their wisdom about the
things in their area of business.  The physically strong work to keep
themselves that way, eating right and training long hours. There are those
dedicated to building wealth, the inheritance for their children, or to
attaining to a certain social or business level.  God doesn't say there is
anything wrong, per se, with any of those.  But if you really want to be
proud of something, why waste time on sterile intellectual pursuits,
academic credentials, building your body or investment portfolio?  All of
that will pass away. Instead, let's purpose to know our God intimately,
giving that top priority. We're talking about God Almighty!  He created
everything.  He is so interesting a being that nothing can be compared to
knowing Him.  And He loves us!  Decide today to pursue God passionately,
with all our energy, and not give up until we see Him face to face. [In His
Time; Walk With Wisdom]

Men are not to rejoice in their wisdom, their strength, or their riches, but
in the fact that they have a knowledge of Christ. This knowledge is the most
excellent, the most precious, that we can possess. It is the pledge of
everlasting life. For "this is life eternal, that we might know thee the
only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent." Money cannot buy it,
intellect cannot grasp it, power cannot command it; but to all who will
accept it God's glorious grace is freely given. SD233-7

Those who have the deepest experience in the things of God, are the farthest
removed from pride or self-exaltation. They have the humblest thought of
self, and the most exalted conceptions of the glory and excellence of
Christ. . . . When we have our eyes fixed upon heaven, and have clear views
of the character of Christ, we shall exalt the Lord God in our hearts.
As one becomes acquainted with the history of the Redeemer, he discovers in
himself serious defects; his unlikeness to Christ is so great that he sees
the necessity for radical changes in his life. Still he studies with a
desire to become like his great Exemplar. He catches the looks, the spirit,
of his beloved Master. By beholding . . . he becomes changed into the same
It is not by looking away from Him that we imitate the life of Jesus, but by
talking of Him, by dwelling upon His perfections, by seeking to refine the
taste and elevate the character, by trying, through faith and love, and by
earnest, persevering effort, to approach the perfect Pattern. By having a
knowledge of Christ,-- His words, His habits, and His lessons of
instruction,--we borrow the virtues of the character we have so closely
studied, and become imbued with the spirit we have so much admired. Jesus
becomes to us "the chiefest among ten thousand," the One "altogether
lovely." SD233-7

Ultimately, only God and our knowledge of and love for him are worthwhile.

The self-righteous feel no need of Christ. And when those who profess His
name extol their own wisdom and goodness, they give evidence that they are
not acquainted with Him. SD233-7

Those who study to see how near they can live to the world and yet gain
heaven, will come just near enough to be shut out from heaven. SD233-7