Jeremiah 29:13 - Spiritual Bullet

And ye shall seek me, and find me,
when ye shall search for me with all your heart.
Jer 29:13 (KJV)

Because the Israelites did not follow the Lord wholeheartedly, they had to
die in the wilderness.  This was not God's plan, but rather the end result
of their sloppiness and failure to obey. [Life Recovery Devotional SB]

God makes it plain that He can do nothing for His people unless they seek
Him with sincerity of purpose. [SDA Commentary]

According to God's wise plan, his people were to have hope and a future;
consequently they could call upon him in confidence. Although the exiles
were in a difficult place and time, they should not despair because they had
God's presence, the privilege of prayer, and God's grace. God can be sought
and found when we seek him wholeheartedly. Neither strange lands, sorrows,
frustration, nor physical problems can break that communion.  [Life
Application SB]

So often we feel that God isn't present in our lives.  But it's not because
he doesn't want to be there.  Maybe it's because we haven't made a place for
him inside of us.  We are so filled up with our addictions and compulsive
activity that we leave no room for God.  Reading the Bible, praying and
serving Him help us start creating a place for God.  [Life Recovery
Devotional SB mod]

Seek the Lord with all your heart. Come with zeal, and when you sincerely
feel that without the help of God you perish, when you pant after Him as the
hart panteth after the water brooks, then will the Lord strengthen you
speedily. Then will your peace pass all understanding. 1T159-160

If you will seek the Lord and be converted every day; if you will of your
own spiritual choice be free and joyous in God; if with gladsome consent of
heart to His gracious call you come wearing the yoke of Christ,--the yoke of
obedience and service,--all your murmurings will be stilled, all your
difficulties will be removed, all the perplexing problems that now confront
you will be solved.  MB101

Our God requires the utmost from His people. He doesn't expect it from our
flesh, which cannot accomplish anything of eternal good at all. He has given
us His Spirit to empower us, as we choose to do His will. [IN HIS TIME; WALK
WITH WISDOM re 2Ch.25:1,2]

If we are obsessed by God, nothing else can get into our lives-not concerns,
tribulation, nor worries. To be obsessed by God is to have an effective
barricade against all the assaults of the enemy. [IN HIS TIME; MY UTMOST FOR
HIS HIGHEST re Psa.25:12]