Proverbs 16:3 - Dependance upon God yields Success

Prov 16:3 (KJV)  Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy
thoughts shall be established.

Prov 16:3 (NIV)  Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your
plans will succeed.

Prov 16:3 (NCV)  Depend on the LORD in whatever you do, and your
plans will succeed.

"Commit" (16:3) literally means "roll." It calls the reader to
roll his burdens onto the Lord's shoulders; they are not too great
for him. [New Bible Companion]

See that what thou doest is commanded; and then begin, continue,
and end all in his name. (Adam Clarke Commentary)

Lay the matter before him by prayer. (Matthew Henry's Commentary)

When a man recognizes his own need and turns to the Lord for
guidance and help in every act and decision, then the powers of heaven
come to his aid and enable him to carry out the decisions reached
under the influence of the Holy Spirit. [SDA Commentary]

There are different ways to fail to commit whatever we do to the
Lord. Some people commit their work only superficially. They say the
project is being done for the Lord, but in reality they are doing it for
themselves. Others give God temporary control of their interests, only to
take control back the moment things stop going the way they expect.
Still others commit a task fully to the Lord, but put forth no effort
themselves, and then they wonder why they do not succeed. We must maintain a
delicate balance: trusting God as if everything depended on him, while
working as if everything depended on us. Think of a specific effort in
which you are involved right now. Have you committed it to the Lord?
[Life Application SB]

When we want God's direction, there are no halfway measures.
There will be times when we slip back, stumble and sin. These times
grow fewer as we seek and gain His direction. Progress comes when we
place our full confidence, our will and intellect, in the Lord.  Does
this mean God wants us to stop thinking, stop being individuals,
become a robot? God forbid!  He doesn't expect us to short circuit our
own mind.  He just tells us not to go to that understanding with the
wrong assumptions.  It is simple.  Place your confidence in God,
wholly, on a matter. (To do so, you will have to pray and search His
Word to find out what it has to say on that matter.) This is putting
our thoughts before the Lord and His Word. As we do this, He will
give us the direction we need.  Decide today to pay due respect to
God in all that is done.  He will direct decisions, judgments, and
actions.  And we can count on growing in our walk with Him. [In His Time;
Walk With Wisdom]

Dear Child,
I watch you laboring and fretting and anxiously striving to
achieve things for me and my kingdom.  Hear me.  Your work is not my
primary concern.  Your work is now, has always been, and always will be
secondary to your relationship with me.
What you do will flow out of your relationship with me as
irrigation streams flow out of a deep, clear, powerful river.  The river
(the relationship) will set your motives and supply your strength.
Then your work will flow forth to honor me.  Any time you allow your
work to come ahead of your relationship with me, you risk working
against me and my purposes.
Draw near to me and rest.  Seek my will at every small turn.
Listen for my voice.  Be filled with my Spirit.  Then work with joy and
The Source of your power, God [PostCards from Heaven by Claire