Romans 8:13 - Mortifing the Deeds of the Body

If ye live after the flesh, ye shall die:
but if ye through the Spirit
do mortify the deeds of the body,
ye shall live.
Rom 8:13 (KJV)

Col 3:5 tells us that the deeds of the body that need to be
mortified are immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and greed.

"To mortify the deeds of the body" means to regard as dead the
power of sin in your body (see 6:11; Galatians 5:24). When we regard
sin's appeal as dead and lifeless, we can ignore temptation when it
comes. [Life Application SB]

The Christian must not yield to bodily impulses and appetites,
except to the extent that they conform to the law of God. His eating
and drinking and everything must be performed with a regard for the
glory of God. [SDA Commentary]

Believers are here exhorted to live according to the direction
of the Spirit, not according to the personal desires, thereby
putting to death the deeds of the body. [Jamieson, Fausset, And Brown

The tense is present, indicating a continuous process of putting
to death. [SDA Commentary]

"If you do not kill sin, it will kill you." [Jamieson, Fausset,
And Brown Commentary]

Either our sins must die or we must. If they are allowed to
live, we shall die. If they are put to death, we shall be saved. No
man can be saved in his sins. [SDA Commentary]

If any habitually live according to corrupt lustings, they will
certainly perish in their sins, whatever they profess....Let us then, by
the Spirit, endeavour more and more to mortify the flesh.
Regeneration by the Holy Spirit brings a new and Divine life to the soul,
though in a feeble state. [Matthew Henry Commentary]

The leading of the Spirit does not mean a momentary impulse but
a steady, habitual influence. It is not those whose hearts are
occasionally touched by the Spirit, or those who now and then yield to His
power, who are the sons of God. God recognizes as His sons only those
who are continually led by His Spirit. It is important to notice
that the guiding and transforming power of the Holy Spirit is
described as leading, not forcing. There is no coercion in the plan of
salvation. The Spirit dwells only in the hearts of those who accept Him in
faith. And faith implies a loving and willing submission to the will of
God and the directing influence of the Holy Spirit. [SDA Commentary]