Job 31:1 - Not to Stare and Sin.

I promised myself never to stare with desire at a young woman.
Job 31:1 (CEV)

Job understood that mere avoidance of the overt act of adultery
was not sufficient. In order to meet God's standard the thinking as
well as the actions must be pure. Job made a covenant not to gaze
upon that which would suggest impure thoughts. [SDA Commentary]

Job understood the spiritual nature of God's commandments, as
reaching to the thoughts and intents of the heart. [Matthew Henry

Job had not only avoided committing the great sin of adultery;
he had not even taken the first step toward that sin by looking at
a woman with lust. Job said he was innocent of both outward and
inward sins. [Life Application SB]

Job carefully guarded his glances, forbidding his eyes to lead
him into temptation. [Jamieson, Fausset, And Brown Commentary]

Repentance is a definite turn from every thought, word, deed and
habit which is known to be wrong.  It is not sufficient to feel pangs
of remorse or to make some kind of apology to God.  Fundamentally,
repentance is a matter neither of emotion nor of speech.  It is an inward
change of mind and attitude towards sin which leads to a change of
There can be no compromise here.  There may be sins in our lives
which we do not think we ever could renounce; but we must be willing
to let them go as we cry to God for deliverance from them.  If you
are in doubt regarding what is right and what is wrong, what must go
and what may be retained, do not be too greatly influenced by the
customs and conventions of Christians you may know.  Go by the clear
teaching of the Bible and by the prompting of your conscience, and Christ
will gradually lead you further along the path of righteousness.
When he puts his finger on anything, give it up.  It may be some
association or recreation, some literature we read, or some attitude of
pride, jealousy or resentment, or an unforgiving spirit.
Jesus told his followers to pluck out their eye and cut off
their hand or foot if these caused them to sin.  We are not to obey
this with dead literalism, of course, and mutilate our bodies.  It is
a vivid figure of speech for dealing ruthlessly with the avenues
along which temptation come to us. John Stott; [Time with God SB]