2 Corinthians 13:11 - Christian Perfection.

Be perfect,
be of good comfort,
be of one mind,
live in peace;
and the God of love and peace
shall be with you.
2 Cor 13:11 (KJV)

The phrase in this passage that jumps out at me is the
admonition to be perfect.

Other translations or paraphrases of this phrase go as follows:
Be made complete; NASB
Try to be complete; NCV
Mend your ways; RSV
Put things in order; NRSV
Aim for perfection; NIV
Strive for perfection; TEV
Continue to grow in the Lord so you can stand in the strength
that God is so willing to give; CWB
Grow in Christ; TLB

Since the Corinthians had some matters they needed to mend; the
best statement to convey the total picture here would be a
combination of several of these translations:

I like; Put things in order - As you continue to grow in Christ
- Striving for perfection.

We find a similar statement, in regards to growing in Christ and
striving for perfection, given as a command by our precious Lord in
Mat.5:48; Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven
is perfect.

The word perfect here implies full development, growth into
maturity of godliness.  [Scofield SB]

For this to happen we need a relationship with Christ i.e. we
need to be born again or converted.  We need to have chosen to give
up our old selfish and sinful ways of living and let Christ through
the Holy Spirit guide and direct our daily lives.  For this to
materialize we need to breath the spiritual air of prayer and feed upon the
spiritual food of the Bible and from  these will flow the springs of
living water in sharing and service.