Matthew 13:33 - The Parable of Leaven Devotional

The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into a large
amount of flour until it worked all through the dough. Mat 13:33 (NIV)

   This is truly an intense message in the power of the Truth - God's 'life'
saving grace.  I believe we do not always recognize what a miracle He has
wrought in us, for He has blessed us abundantly twice over.  We consider the
word 'life' with little regard for its profoundness.  And it is so often in
Scripture that His message is contained in a single word.
   Life.  This word rolls off our tongues with such ease we barely conceive
its truth any longer.  When we read in scripture any reference to 'life', we
hardly pause to think about what we have just read.  And yet, the entire
Bible is based on this simple word - Jesus came that we might have 'life'.
The world plagiarizes its meaning, giving it a definition wholly unintended
by God.  We walk further and further away from the miraculous impact of this
divine wonder.
   In the beginning, before time was, before we were, He knew us, and so we
were given 'the breath of life'.  This in itself is a miracle beyond
imagining.  There isn't a DNA experiment ever designed, nor one that will
ever be conceived that will enable man to 'breath life' into anything.  We
must take that breath of life already given.  It cannot be found for it
belongs solely to the Creator of all things.  What egotists we are to even
consider that we might be able to recreate 'life'.  How slowly does the mind
of the most intelligent species on earth sometimes work.  Man has yet to
acknowledge that that which we so desperately seek, "that which causes life
to be", is not ours to give, and will never be.  We live simply because our
Father God determined that we should and 'gave us life'.
   We are then doubly blessed with one more miracle of miracles.  The One
True God chooses to give us, for all eternity, a renewed life, a new life in
His Son, Jesus Christ.  With this, the breath of life that is us, is
transformed, made new, polished until its light shines forth.  We are now
the embodiment of the truest definition of 'life' - living as a child of God
by the grace of His Holy Spirit in love and forgiveness. With this second
miracle, we have come full circle, and are now one with the Father in Jesus
Christ, our Lord and Savior.
   So whenever we see the word 'life' written so quietly in the pages of His
Word, perhaps we should pause for a moment, and praise His Holy Name for the
unfathomable miracle He has wrought in us - His gift - His breath of life
become eternal in Jesus, -  Immanuel - God with us.   Rita
rita marie