Isaiah 26:3 - Peace That Surpasses All Understanding.

Isa 26:3 (KJV)  Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind
is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Isa 26:3 (NCV)  You, LORD, give true peace to those who depend
on you, because they trust you.

Isa 26:3 (EAV)  You will guard him and keep him in perfect and
constant peace whose mind [both its inclination and its character] is
stayed on You, because he commits himself to You, leans on You, and
hopes confidently in You.

Isa 26:3 (TLB)  He will keep in perfect peace all those who
trust in him, whose thoughts turn often to the Lord!

The song of praise in Isaiah 26 will be sung by the redeemed as
they enjoy the blessings of the Messianic kingdom. [New Bible

Perfect peace. Lit., peace, peace; i.e., full, genuine
well-being. [Ryrie SB]

"peace, peace," i. e., peace upon peace.... happiness in this
world and in the world to come. (Adam Clarke Commentary)

The word salom ("peace") is repeated, so conveying the idea that
this peace is perfect. [Expositors Bible Commentary]

Perfect peace is one of God's gifts to those who trust in Him.
Confidence in God rules out fear and anxiety over lesser things. [Disciple

People who trust in the LORD enjoy perfect (i.e., complete,
genuine) peace (cf. Phil. 4:7), [Bible Knowledge Commentary]

"mind" was widely used in the rabbinic writings to express the
whole attitude and direction of one's life. [Expositors Bible

`Peace, peace; ' the repetition of the word denoting, as is
usual in Hebrew, emphasis, and here evidently meaning undisturbed,
perfect peace. That is, the mind that has confidence in God shall not be
agitated by the trials to which it shall be subject; by persecution,
poverty, sickness, want, or bereavement. (Barnes' Notes)

Perfect peace will be the inheritance of the saints in the
kingdom of God and it may be the happy experience of God's children
here. Perfect submission to the will of God brings the blessing of
perfect serenity.... Trouble and turmoil may surround us, yet we enjoy a
calmness and peace of mind of which the world knows nothing.... The peace
of the Christian depends not upon peaceful conditions in the world
about him but upon the indwelling of the Spirit of God in his heart
(see on Matt. 11:28-30; John 14:27). [SDA Commentary]

Thou wilt keep him in peace, peace, in perfect peace, inward
peace, outward peace, peace with God, peace of conscience, peace at all
times, under all events; this peace shall he be put into, and kept in
the possession of, whose mind is stayed upon God, because it trusts
in him.... Those that trust in God must have their minds stayed upon
him, must trust him at all times, under all events, must firmly and
faithfully adhere to him, with an entire satisfaction in him; and such as
do so God will keep in perpetual peace, and that peace shall keep
them. (Matthew Henry's Commentary)

While engaged in our daily work, we should lift the soul to
heaven in prayer. These silent petitions rise like incense before the
throne of grace; and the enemy is baffled. The Christian whose heart is
thus stayed upon God cannot be overcome. No evil arts can destroy his
peace. All the promises of God's word, all the power of divine grace,
all the resources of Jehovah, are pledged to secure his deliverance.
It was thus that Enoch walked with God. And God was with him, a
present help in every time of need. Prayer is the breath of the soul. It
is the secret of spiritual power. No other means of grace can be
substituted, and the health of the soul be preserved. Prayer brings the heart
into immediate contact with the Well-spring of life, and strengthens
the sinew and muscle of the religious experience. Neglect the
exercise of prayer, or engage in prayer spasmodically, now and then, as
seems convenient, and you lose your hold on God. The spiritual
faculties lose their vitality, the religious experience lacks health and
vigor. GW254-5

It is the love of self that brings unrest. When we are born from
above, the same mind will be in us that was in Jesus, the mind that led
Him to humble Himself that we might be saved. Then we shall not be
seeking the highest place. We shall desire to sit at the feet of Jesus,
and learn of Him.... When our will is swallowed up in the will of God,
and we use His gifts to bless others, we shall find life's burden
light.... Those who take Christ at His word, and surrender their souls to
His keeping, their lives to His ordering, will find peace and
quietude.... As through Jesus we enter into rest, heaven begins here. We
respond to His invitation, Come, learn of Me, and in thus coming we
begin the life eternal. Heaven is a ceaseless approaching to God
through Christ. The longer we are in the heaven of bliss, the more and
still more of glory will be opened to us; and the more we know of God,
the more intense will be our happiness. As we walk with Jesus in
this life, we may be filled with His love, satisfied with His
presence. All that human nature can bear, we may receive here. But what is
this compared with the hereafter? DA330-2

The inhabitants of Judea had been borne to a far distant land.
They had been subjected to reproaches and to scorn <Ps. 137>; had
been stripped of their property and honor; and had been reduced to
the condition of prisoners and captives. Yet their confidence in God
had not been shaken. They still trusted in him; still believed that
he could and would deliver them. Their mind was, therefore, kept in
entire peace. So it was with the Redeemer when he was persecuted and
maligned (<1 Pet. 2:23>; compare <Luke 23:46>). And
so it has been with
tens of thousands of the confessors and martyrs, and of the
persecuted and afflicted people of God, who have been enabled to commit
their cause to him, and amidst the storms of persecution, and even in
the prison and at the stake, have been kept in perfect peace.
(Barnes' Notes)

We can never avoid strife in the world around us, but with God
we can know perfect peace even in turmoil. When we are devoted to
him, our whole attitude is steady and stable. Supported by God's
unchanging love and mighty power, we are not shaken by the surrounding
chaos (see Philip. 4:7). Do you want peace? Keep your thoughts on and
your trust in God. [Life Application SB]