1 John 1:7 - Walking In Jesus Brings Cleansing And Fellowship.

1Jo.1:7: Walking In Jesus Brings Cleansing And Fellowship.

1 John 1:7 (KJV)  But if we walk in the light, as he is in the
light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus
Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.

To walk in the light is to live in fellowship with the Father
and the Son. [Scofield SB]

The phrase "But if we walk" is suggestive of a life-style. The
verb is in the present tense and denotes continuous action. John has
in mind the practice and habit of life which is characterized by
constant fellowship with God. [Believer's SB]

God is constantly surrounded by light that radiates from
Himself. The best that Christians can do is to walk in the rays of light
that emanate from God. As a traveler will follow the light of a guide
along a dark and unknown road, so the child of God will follow light
from the Lord along the road of life. [SDA Commentary]

Dear Child,
I watch you laboring and fretting and anxiously striving to
achieve things for me and my kingdom.  Hear me.  Your work is not my
primary concern.  Your work is now, has always been, and always will be
secondary to your relationship with me.
What you do will flow out of your relationship with me as
irrigation streams flow out of a deep, clear, powerful river.  The river
(the relationship) will set your motives and supply your strength.
Then your work will flow forth to honor me.  Any time you allow your
work to come ahead of your relationship with me, you risk working
against me and my purposes.
Draw near to me and rest.  Seek my will at every small turn.
Listen for my voice.  Be filled with my Spirit.  Then work with joy and
abandon! The Source of your power, God [PostCards from Heaven by Claire

If we will but wait patiently and prayerfully upon God, and not
follow our own impetuous plans, He will guide our decisions and open
many doors of hope and labor. . . We shall be safe only when we
consecrate ourselves to God and look unto Jesus, earnestly longing to work
out His plan. . . Let none run ahead of Christ, but wait for the
word of command, "Follow Me." . . .Let them not suppose that the
sparks of their own kindling are the true light, or after a while they
will find that, instead of following the heavenly guiding Star, they
are following an uncertain leader.  TM211,212

We must let Christ into our hearts and homes if we would walk in
the light. 3T539

Two things happen when believers walk in the light. They have
fellowship with each other, and they are cleansed of sin. [New Bible

If we walk in the light we walk with God, from whom the light
shines, and have fellowship not only with Him but also with all others
who are following the Lord. [SDA Commentary]

Picture a large circle, from the edge of which are many lines
all running to the center. The nearer these lines approach the
center, the nearer they are to one another.
Thus it is in the Christian life. The closer we come to Christ,
the nearer we shall be to one another. God is glorified as His
people unite in harmonious action.  AH179

WHEEL CONCEPT (Christ is the hub and we are the spokes): As we
draw closer to Jesus we become closer to one another.

The key to living a victorious, Spirit-filled Christian life is
Jesus Christ as the Center and Lord of all we do.  With Christ in
control, life is balanced and effective. The Wheel illustrated this
Christ-centered life.
Just as the driving force in a wheel comes from the hub; so the
power to live the Christian life comes from Jesus Christ the Center.
He lives in us in the Person of the Holy Spirit, whose expressed
purpose is to glorify Christ. The rim represents the Christian
responding to Christ's Lordship through wholeheated, day-by-day obedience
to Him.
The spokes show the means by which Christ's power becomes
operative in our lives.  We maintain personal contact with God through the
vertical spokes -the Word and prayer.  The Word is our spiritual food as
well as our sword for spiritual battle.  It is the foundational spoke
for effective Christian living.
Opposite this is the spoke representing prayer.  Through prayer
we have direct communication with our heavenly Father and receive
provision for our needs. As we pray we show our dependence upon and trust
in Him.
The horizontal spokes concern our relationship to people -
believers, through Christian fellowship; and unbelievers, through
witnessing. Fellowship centered around the Lord Jesus Christ provides the
mutual encouragement, admonition and stimulation we all need.  As we
draw closer to Jesus we become closer to one another.
The first three spokes prepare us for passing on to others all
that we have received from the Lord.  This is accomplished through
witnessing, sharing our own experience of Christ and declaring and
explaining the Gospel, God's power to save. [The Wheel by the Navigators]