Deuteronomy 8:3b - The Food for Spiritual Life.

Deu.8:3b: The Food for Spiritual Life.

Deu 8:3b (NLT)  People need more than bread for their life; real
life comes by feeding on every word of the LORD.

The provision of manna was intended to teach Israel that God's
word was more essential to their existence than food. [New Bible

Bread sustains but does not guarantee life, which is God's gift
to those who trust in and live by his word: [NIV SB]

The word of God is the food of the soul. [Matthew Henry

God intends that to the earnest seeker the truths of His word
shall be ever unfolding. .
It is impossible for any human mind to exhaust even one truth or
promise of the Bible. . . .
As we contemplate the great things of God's word, we look into a
fountain that broadens and deepens beneath our gaze. Its breadth and
depth pass our knowledge. As we gaze, the vision widens; stretched out
before us we behold a boundless, shoreless sea.
Such study has vivifying power. The mind and heart acquire new
strength, new life.
This experience is the highest evidence of the divine authorship
of the Bible. We receive God's word as food for the soul, through
the same evidence by which we receive bread as food for the body.
Bread supplies the need of our nature; we know by experience that it
produces blood and bone and brain. Apply the same test to the Bible; when
its principles have actually become the elements of character, what
has been the result? what changes have been made in the life? "Old
things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." 2
Corinthians 5:17. In its power, men and women have broken the chains of
sinful habit. They have renounced selfishness. The profane have become
reverent, the drunken sober, the profligate pure. Souls that have borne
the likeness of Satan have been transformed into the image of God.
This change is itself the miracle of miracles. A change wrought by
the word, it is one of the deepest mysteries of the word. ED170-2

Many people think that life is based on satisfying their
appetites. If they can earn enough money to dress, eat, and play in high
style, they think they are living "the good life." But such things do
not satisfy our deepest longings. In the end they leave us empty and
dissatisfied. Real life comes from total commitment to God, the one who
created life itself. It requires discipline, sacrifice, and hard work,
and that's why most people never find it. [Life Application SB]