Job 3:20 - Life and Misery: Is There An Answer?

Job 3:20: Life and Misery: Is There An Answer?

Job 3:20 (CEV) Why does God let me live when life is miserable
and so bitter?

The stanza is the picture of a man earnestly longing for death,
but doomed to live on and on. The experience has its modern
counterpart in the cancer sufferer who wastes away during long, agonizing,
futile months before death ultimately provides release. Now, as then,
the question is often asked, "Why?" [SDA Commentary]

Grace teaches us in the midst of life's greatest comforts, to be
willing to die, and in the midst of its greatest crosses, to be willing
to live. [Matthew Henry Commentary]

Trials and grief, whether temporary or enduring, do not destroy
the real purpose of life. Life is not given merely for happiness and
personal fulfillment, but for us to serve and honor God. The worth and
meaning of life is not based on what we feel, but on the one reality no
one can take away--God's love for us. [Life Application SB]