Psalm 23:2 - One Of The Crown Jewels Of Scripture - verse 2.

Psa. 23: One Of The Crown Jewels Of Scripture - verse 2.

Psa 23:2 (KJV)  He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he
leadeth me beside the still waters.

Psa 23:2 (CWR)  He lets me lie down in green meadows. He leads
me beside quiet waters.

Psa 23:2 (TLB)  He lets me rest in the meadow grass and leads me
beside the quiet streams.

Lie down: For flocks lying down in contented and secure rest.

Green pastures. pastures of fresh, new grass. [SDA Commentary]

Green pastures. Metaphor for all that makes life to flourish.

Any disturbance or intruder scares sheep. They are very fearful
animals and cannot lie down unless they feel totally secure. green
pastures: eloquent language to express his view of the abundant care God
gives to His people. [Nelson SB]

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: lie down on the
grass "fully fed" or "satisfied," their wants being completely
supplied. (Barnes' Notes)

The first blessing David experienced was spiritual nourishment.
As a shepherd leads sheep to fresh grass for feeding, so the Lord
leads His people. One who follows the Lord does not lack any spiritual
nourishment.... Food for the soul is the Word of God (Heb. 5:12-14; 1 Peter
2:2). [Bible Knowledge Commentary]

God's ordinances are the green pastures in which food is
provided for all believers; the word of life is the nourishment of the
new man. It is milk for babes, pasture for sheep, never barren,
never eaten bare, never parched, but always a green pasture for faith
to feed in. God makes his saints to lie down; he gives them quiet
and contentment in their own minds, what ever their lot is; their
souls dwell at ease in him, and that makes every pasture green. Are we
blessed with the green pastures of the ordinances? Let us not think it
enough to pass through them, but let us lie down in them, abide in
them; this is my rest for ever. It is by a constancy of the means of
grace that the soul is fed. (Matthew Henry's Commentary)

The greatest abundance is but a dry pasture to a wicked man, who
relishes in it only what pleases the senses; but to a godly man, who by
faith tastes the goodness of God in all his enjoyments, though he has
but little of the world, it is a green pasture. [Matthew Henry

Still waters. resting places with water, as by a river, brook,
well, or lake. [SDA Commentary]

Quiet waters. Inlets or ponds where rest and refreshment could
be found. [Ryrie SB]

Still waters: Sheep are afraid of fastflowing streams. God's
provision of still waters has a soothing effect and calms the sheep.
[Nelson SB]

Still waters: denotes the calm water necessary for sheep to
drink. [Believer's SB]

Quiet waters: Lit. "waters of resting places," i.e., restful
waters--waters that provide refreshment and well-being. [NIV SB]

He had likened the Spirit's influence to the cool, refreshing
water. DA476

God provides for his people not only food and rest, but
refreshment also and pleasure. The consolations of God, the joys of the Holy
Ghost, are these still waters, by which the saints are led, (Matthew
Henry's Commentary)

The consolations of the Holy Spirit are the still waters by
which the saints are led; the streams which flow from the Fountain of
living waters. Those only are led by the still waters of comfort, who
walk in the paths of righteousness..... In these paths we cannot walk,
unless. God lead us into them, and lead us on in them. [Matthew Henry

He leadeth me beside the still waters: salvation flows as in a
gently running stream; (Barnes' Notes)

The combination of "green pastures" and "quiet waters" portrays
God's "refreshing care" for his own... As the good shepherd provides his
sheep with rest, verdant pastures, and quiet waters, so the Lord takes
care of his people in a most plentiful way. [Expositors Bible

When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them.
(John 10:4)
Whatever awaits us is encountered first by Him, and the eye of
faith can always discern His majestic presence out in front. When His
presence cannot be seen, it is dangerous to move ahead. Comfort your
heart with the fact that the Savior has Himself experienced all the
trials He asks you to endure; He would not ask you to pass through them
unless He was sure that the paths were not too difficult or strenuous
for you. This is the blessed life-not anxious to see far down the
road nor overly concerned about the next step, not eager to choose
the path nor weighted down with the heavy responsibilities of the
future, but quietly following the Shepherd, one step at a time.... The
oriental shepherd always walked ahead of his sheep. He was always out in
front. Any attack upon the sheep had to take him into account first.
Now God is out in front. He is in our tomorrows, and it is tomorrow
that fills people with fear. Yet God is already there. All the
tomorrows of our life have to pass through Him before they can get to us.
F. B. Meyer [Streams In The Desert By Cowman]


In green pastures: This, in the application to the believer,
marks the first stage in his spiritual history-- namely, when first he
comes heavy laden to Christ, and finds rest to his soul . (Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary)

[The still waters]-- Two means of refreshment are specified--
the "green" grass, on which they lie; and "the still water," which
are "beside" them. Such a rest was enjoyed by David "when the king
sat in his house, and the Lord had, given him rest round about from
all his enemies"... The Hebrew for, "He leadeth me" (naahal  (heb
5095)) expresses gentle and gradual leading,... The second stage in the
believer's spiritual history, his restoration when out of the way, and his
safe guidance through the darkest trails, and through death itself.
(Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary)