Isaiah 40:28 - What An AWESOME God We Have!

Isa.40:28: What An AWESOME God We Have!

Isa 40:28 (CWR)  Don't you know that the Lord our God is the
everlasting One? Haven't you heard that He always was and always will be?
He's the Creator of the universe! He never gets tired. He never gets
weary. His understanding has no limits.

We need a high view of our God. He is absolutely sovereign.  No
one can change his mind or make Him do what He is not pleased to do.
 And so He tells His creatures, there is no god beside Him.  It
is God that ultimately brings both life and death.  Sometimes we
are tempted to think that the adversary, the devil, is a sort of
equivalent to God, but evil.  This is not true.  The devil is evil, but he
is no comparison to God.  There is nothing to compare God to,
because He is absolutely unique.  He has told His creation how life
works. We have it all in our owner's manual, the Bible.  Just as a rock
will never float in the air on earth, so too, if we obey God we are
blessed, and if we disobey, we suffer the consequences. Absolutely. Do
not demean God when things get difficult, by thinking He is not in
complete control.  He is God, and there is no one beside Him, and He will
accomplish His will.  [In His Time Walk With Wisdom]