Proverbs 29:1 - Persistent, Willful Sin Leads to Destruction.

Pro.29:1: Persistent, Willful Sin Leads to Destruction.

Prov 29:1 (KJV)  He, that being often reproved hardeneth his
neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.

Prov 29:1 (NIV)  A man who remains stiff-necked after many
rebukes will suddenly be destroyed--without remedy.

Prov 29:1 (TEV)  If you get more stubborn every time you are
corrected, one day you will be crushed and never recover.

Prov 29:1 (CWR)  The man who stubbornly resists correction will
one day find himself beyond help.

The verse is a warning about the peril of persisting in sin;...
The opposite of the stiff neck would be a bending neck, i.e.,
submission. [Expositors Bible Commentary]

Hardeneth his neck--or stiff-necked (NIV); obstinately refusing
counsel [Jamieson, Fausset, And Brown Commentary]

[Hardeneth his neck] Becomes stubborn and obstinate. (Adam
Clarke Commentary)

Describes a stubborn person who resists correction or challenges
to his character. [Quest SB]

Will suddenly be destroyed in death. No longer will a remedy be
available. [Bible Knowledge Commentary]

We can fail to learn through indifference and apathy.
Stubbornness can also stand as a barrier to learning,... Refusal to learn and
change is a sin against God. [Disciple SB]

Making the same mistake over and over is an invitation to
disaster. Eventually people have to face the consequences of refusing to
learn. If their mistake is refusing God's invitations or rejecting his
commands, the consequences will be especially serious. [Life Application

Those that will not be reformed must expect to be ruined;
(Matthew Henry's Commentary)

Like Eli's sons, often reproved, but in vain. (Jamieson,
Fausset, and Brown Commentary)

Eli's sons died because of their stubbornness. [NIV SB]

And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man,
for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and
twenty years. Genesis 6:3

But if you persist in your slanders against God's Holy Spirit,
you are repudiating the very One who forgives, sawing off the branch
on which you're sitting, severing by your own perversity all
connection with the One who forgives." Mark 3:29 (MSG)

I used to wonder how to remember all the commandments of God. As
a child I memorized the Ten Commandments in the Bible, but there
are so many other commandments in the Bible-hundreds of them. Then I
discovered a wonderful fact, that the first and greatest commandment is to
love God.... So it isn't as complicated as I had thought! Love God
completely, and do to your neighbor as you, in your best moments, want him
or her to do to you. If we obey only these two basic laws, we will
be obeying all the others, too. It is wonderful of God to tell us
what He allows and what He prohibits, what He likes and dislikes, for
we might otherwise be unsure of ourselves, and unsure whether or
not we are loving God by obeying Him. (Next Steps for New Christians
by Kenneth Taylor) [Inspirational SB]

If you are in Christ, and Christ is in you, then the world
should see nothing else.  [Daily Walk Bible]

Our job in life is not to be successful, but to be faithful.
Many Christians would prefer to hear "What a great guy" from the
crowd rather than "Well done, good and faithful servant" from the
Master. Billy Graham [Passages Of Life SB]