Isaiah 43:11 - Subscriber Commentary on Isaiah 43:11 Devotional.

Subscriber Commentary on Isaiah 43:11 Devotional. 

The following commentary was submitted in response to the Isaiah 
43:11 Devotional; Only God Can Save Us. 

Isaiah 43:11 (NLT)  I am the LORD, and there is no other Savior. 

Isaiah 43:11 (CWR)  I am the Lord, and other than me, there is 
no one to save you.  

This is something I wrote about 5 yrs ago but I thought maybe it 
would work again with this lesson. It is sad to realize that not much 
has changed and people still continue to search for what has already 
been bought and offered to them.  It is sad too that our churches 
cannot in many ways lead their flocks to more peaceful pastures. 

It becomes ever more amazing to me as time passes, the 
'abundance of life' we have in the Lord.  And yet mankind remains blind to 
the futility of his own efforts, seeking yet another 'enlightened' 
path, thus the quest is defeated before it is even begun. 

In all the world, the deepest joy, the most serene peace, the 
most blissful comfort and the greatest love I have ever found rests 
simply in the pleasure of 'knowing' God and our Lord and Savior, Jesus 
Christ.  For the world, my peace of mind, my 'worrilessness', my 
unbridled hope are beyond their comprehension, and perhaps even a bit 
foolish and unrealistic. Where are my plans for success - and I say, "in 
Him!" Well how do you hope to achieve this?  And I say, "Through Him!" 
Well, how can you follow a plan that you cannot see?  And I say, " I 
follow Him!" What if it fails?  And I say, " He would never fail me!" 
How can you be so certain?  And I tell them, "Because I know my God 
and He is ever faithful. I can rely on Him because He has never and 
will never let me down!" But, in this world, the absolute certainty 
that comes from those whose faith is rock solid in our Heavenly 
Father and our Lord and Savior, leaves people temporarily stunned.  
Their minds whirl through all the craziness that forms our lives and 
they cannot begin to imagine how anyone, even a Christian, could 
possibly 'mean' what they believe they just heard.   And in time they 
will inevitably ask again, "Where in all this madness do you find 
this peace that rules your life?"  And I smile and tell them, "His 
name is Jesus and he saved my life.  Would you like to meet him?" 

I remember well the days I lived in the world and I know the 
pain and distress and hopelessness people feel.  And every day I have 
to thank our Heavenly Father for saying, "Yes, I'd like to work 
with her - she has potential!"  And every day I am humbled by His 
generosity for overlooking the person I am as I walk with Him to become the 
person He intended me to be.  It is probably the most wonderful walk I 
will ever take, and it is a journey, but one for which I will forever 
be grateful, that He held out His hand and whispered my name and 
held me quietly when I cried because I was afraid.  I couldn't trust 
anyone then.  He knew that.  I trust Him completely now - with my life. 
rita marie [imshanghai@usfamily.net] 

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