1 John 4:18a - Love and Fear Don't Mix!

1Jo.4:18a: Love and Fear Don't Mix!

1 John 4:18a (KJV)  There is no fear in love; but perfect love 
casteth out fear. 

The love of God in Christ, in the hearts of Christians from the 
Spirit of adoption, is the great proof of conversion. [Matthew Henry] 

Love prompts us to seek others; fear causes us to shrink from 
others. Fear brings its own punishment to the one who has not perfected 
(completed) his love. [Ryrie SB] 

God's love, which the believer experiences and expresses toward 
others, drives out fear of eschatological or future punishment. 
[Believer's SB] 

If we have perfect love, we shall know that God is not seeking 
to injure us, but that in the midst of trials, and griefs, and 
pains, He is seeking to make us perfect, and to test the quality of our 
faith. When we cease to worry about the future, and begin to believe 
that God loves us, and means to do us good, we shall trust Him as a 
child trusts a loving parent. Then our troubles and torments will 
disappear, and our will will be swallowed up in the will of God.  SD193 

If fear falls upon you in a punitive sense, check and find its 
source.  Following God's Spirit we have no fear, we have God's love 
instead.  We are exhorted to remember that we are God's children, in such 
a wonderful relationship to Him that out of our heart we may cry, 
Papa, to Him who sits above all creation enthroned in majesty!  Having 
become part of God's family we receive His Holy Spirit, who comes to 
live within us and give us the power to please God.  Even if our own 
spirit questions our position in Christ, God's Spirit witnesses to us 
inwardly and tells us we are indeed sons of God!  If we find ourselves 
questioning our position in God's family regularly we must ask the Lord to 
reveal to us its source.  Be prepared.  We can call Him Papa. He has 
given us that right. But He also will keep us walking the narrow path 
by whatever means are necessary. [In His Time; Walk With Wisdom re 

What is there to fear if God sent his Son to die to redeem us? 
What is there to fear if we cannot be separated from the love God has 
for us in Christ Jesus? What is there to fear except ourselves? As 
we love God and his children, we are reminded by his love for us, 
which is far better than our meager love for others. Rather than run 
from him in fear, we bow before him in thanks, knowing that he who 
hears our prayers is also he who loves us and stops our fears. 
Prayer: Loving Father, thank you that I can revere you without 
fearing your wrath. Thank you that I can revere your word and yet not be 
terrified by my inadequacies. May your love in me produce a closer 
likeness to your holiness, righteousness, justice, and mercy than all the 
laws, threats, and judges combined. Through Jesus, who ransomed me 
from sin, I pray. Amen. [Heartlight Daily Verse by Phil Ware]