John 4:14 - The Water of Life.

John 4:14: The Water of Life.

John 4:14 (KJV)  Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall 
give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him 
shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.  

"WELL":  i.e.  [Scofield SB]

The woman mistakenly believed that if she received the water 
Jesus offered, she would not have to return to the well each day. She 
was interested in Jesus' message because she thought it could make 
her life easier. But if that were always the case, people would 
accept Christ's message for the wrong reasons. Christ did not come to 
take away challenges, but to change us on the inside and to empower 
us to deal with problems from God's perspective. [Life Application 

He who seeks to quench his thirst at the fountains of this world 
will drink only to thirst again. Everywhere men are unsatisfied. They 
long for something to supply the need of the soul. Only One can meet 
that want. The need of the world, "The Desire of all nations," is 
Christ. The divine grace which He alone can impart, is as living water, 
purifying, refreshing, and invigorating the soul.  Jesus did not convey the 
idea that merely one draft of the water of life would suffice the 
receiver. He who tastes of the love of Christ will continually long for 
more; but he seeks for nothing else. The riches, honors, and pleasures 
of the world do not attract him. The constant cry of his heart is, 
More of Thee. And He who reveals to the soul its necessity is waiting 
to satisfy its hunger and thirst. Every human resource and 
dependence will fail. The cisterns will be emptied, the pools become dry; 
but our Redeemer is an inexhaustible fountain. We may drink, and 
drink again, and ever find a fresh supply. He in whom Christ dwells 
has within himself the fountain of blessing,--"a well of water 
springing up into everlasting life." From this source he may draw strength 
and grace sufficient for all his needs. DA187   

He who is a believer in Jesus finds enough in his Lord to 
satisfy him now, and to content him for evermore. The believer is not 
the man whose days are weary for want of comfort, and whose nights 
are long from absence of heart-cheering thought, for he finds in 
religion such a spring of joy, such a fountain of consolation, that he is 
content and happy. Put him in a dungeon and he will find good company; 
place him in a barren wilderness, he will eat the bread of heaven; 
drive him away from friendship, he will meet the "friend that sticketh 
closer than a brother." Blast all his gourds, and he will find shadow 
beneath the Rock of Ages; sap the foundation of his earthly hopes, but 
his heart will still be fixed, trusting in the Lord. The heart is as 
insatiable as the grave till Jesus enters it, and then it is a cup full to 
overflowing. There is such a fullness in Christ that he alone is the 
believer's all. The true saint is so completely satisfied with the 
all-sufficiency of Jesus that he thirsts no more--except it be for deeper 
draughts of the living fountain. In that sweet manner, believer, shalt 
thou thirst; it shall not be a thirst of pain, but of loving desire; 
thou wilt find it a sweet thing to be panting after a fuller 
enjoyment of Jesus' love. One in days of yore said, "I have been sinking 
my bucket down into the well full often, but now my thirst after 
Jesus has become so insatiable, that I long to put the well itself to 
my lips, and drink right on." Is this the feeling of thine heart 
now, believer? Dost thou feel that all thy desires are satisfied in 
Jesus, and that thou hast no want now, but to know more of him, and to 
have closer fellowship with him? Then come continually to the 
fountain, and take of the water of life freely. Jesus will never think you 
take too much, but will ever welcome you, saying, "Drink, yea, drink 
abundantly, O beloved." [Morning and Evening by Charles H. Spurgeon] 

The picture Our Lord gives is not that of a channel but a 
fountain. 'Be being filled,' and the sweetness of vital relationship to 
Jesus will flow out of the saint as lavishly as it is imparted to him. 
If you find your life is not flowing out as it should, you are to 
blame; something has obstructed the flow. Keep right at the Source, 
and--you will be blessed personally? No, out of you will flow rivers of 
living water, irrepressible life.  We are to be centres through which 
Jesus can flow as rivers of living water in blessing to everyone. Some 
of us are like the Dead Sea, always taking in but never giving out, 
because we are not rightly related to the Lord Jesus. As surely as we 
receive from Him, He will pour out through us, and in the measure He is 
not pouring out, there is a defect in our relationship to Him. Is 
there anything between you and Jesus Christ? Is there anything that 
hinders your belief in Him? If not, Jesus says, out of you will flow 
rivers of living water. It is not a blessing passed on, not an 
experience stated, but a river continually flowing. Keep at the Source, 
guard well your belief in Jesus Christ and your relationship to Him, 
and there will be a steady flow for other lives, no dryness and no 
deadness.  Is it not too extravagant to say that out of an individual 
believer, rivers are going to flow? 'I do not see the rivers,' you say. 
Never look at yourself from the standpoint of--'Who am I?' In the 
history of God's work you will nearly always find that it has started 
from the obscure, the unknown, the ignored, but the steadfastly true 
to Jesus Christ. [My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers]