Amos 3:3 - My Lord and I.

Amos 3:3: My Lord and I.

Amos 3:3 (KJV)  Can two walk together, except they be agreed? 

Shall two walk together at all, if they do not know one 
another?" To "walk together" with God means, not an occasional act, but a 
continuing habit that issues from an established relation. It means a 
companionship based upon a mutual harmony of mind and spirit. Two people must 
go in the same direction if they are to walk "together." [SDA 

They could not expect communion with God, unless they first 
sought peace with him. Where there is not friendship, there can be no 
fellowship. God and man cannot walk together, except they are agreed. Unless 
we seek his glory, we cannot walk with him. [Matthew Henry 

Priscilla is inseparable from her husband because "their two 
hearts beat as one."  They walked as one, for they had mutually agreed 
to put Christ first.  They were one in marital bliss, in their 
secular occupation, in their friendship with Paul, and in their service 
to the chruch.  The oneness of Priscilla and Acquila shame the 
self-centeredness of our day.  We spend much of our time demanding our own way, 
and striving for self-recognition.  Throughout the history of 
Christianity, however, the truly great characters have always been simple and 
humble men and women.  Will you be listed among the simple and humble 
in the Lord's records? [In His Time; Walk With Wisdom re 1Co.16:19] 

Enoch walked with God. He was of one mind with God. The prophet 
asks, "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" If we are of one 
mind with God, our will will be swallowed up in God's will and we 
shall follow wherever God leads the way. As a loving child places his 
hand in that of his father, and walks with him in perfect trust 
whether it is dark or bright, so the sons and daughters of God are to 
walk with Jesus through joy or sorrow. . . .  
The followers of Christ are to manifest to the world the 
characteristics of their Lord. They must not become careless or inattentive to 
their duty, or indifferent as to their influence, for they are to be 
representatives of Jesus in the earth. . . . 
Those who do not walk in all faith and purity find the thought 
of coming into the presence of God a thought of terror. They do not 
love to think or speak of God. They say in heart and by their 
actions, "Depart from us, O God; we desire not the knowledge of thy 
ways." But through faith in Christ the true Christian knows the mind 
and will of God. He understands by a living experience something of 
the length and depth and breadth and height of the love of God that 
passeth knowledge. 
The soul that loves God loves to draw strength from Him by 
constant communion with Him. When it becomes the habit of the soul to 
converse with God, the power of the evil one is broken, for Satan cannot 
abide near the soul that draws nigh unto God. If Christ is your 
companion, you will not cherish vain and impure thoughts; you will not 
indulge in trifling words that will grieve Him who has come to be the 
sanctifier of your soul. . . . 
Those who are sanctified through the truth are living 
recommendations of its power, and representatives of their risen Lord. The 
religion of Christ will refine the taste, sanctify the judgment, elevate, 
purify, and ennoble the soul, making the Christian more and more fit for 
the society of the heavenly angels. [www.bibleuniverse.com]