Psalm 84:11 - God Is A Sun And Shield Who Gives Grace And Glory Not Withholdin etc

Psa. 84:11; God Is A Sun And Shield Who Gives Grace And Glory 
Not Withholding Any Good Thing From His Children. 

Psa 84:11 (KJV)  For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD 
will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them 
that walk uprightly. 

Sun. The glorious source of the light of life. [NIV SB]

Sun. God is the source of light, materially and spiritually [SDA 

Grace and glory. The Christian finds inward grace here, in the 
kingdom of grace; outward glory there, in the kingdom of glory. [SDA 

No good thing will He withhold: This is the observation of a 
wise and righteous person; time after time, God gives good gifts to 
His people. [Nelson SB] 

When your desires are godly, the Lord will give you all you 
need. When life disappoints you, be sure your heart's desires are 
pleasing to God.... God's pilgrims go "from strength to strength" and "from 
faith to faith" (Rom. 1:17). As you trust the Lord, He gives "grace 
and glory;" for He is your sun (provision) and shield (protection). 
He gives you all you need on the pilgrimage of life. When life 
disappoints you, depend on the Lord for what you really need. [Chapter by 
Chapter Bible Commentary by Warren Wiersbe] 

Through he has not promised to give riches and dignities, he has 
promised to give grace and glory to all that seek them in his appointed 
way. And what is grace, but heaven begun below, in the knowledge, 
love, and service of God? What is glory, but the completion of this 
happiness, in being made like to him, and in fully enjoying him for ever? 
Let it be our care to walk uprightly, and then let us trust God to 
give us every thing that is good for us. [Matthew Henry Commentary] 

Imagine yourself walking across a burning desert. You struggle 
through the soft sand, barely able to lift your feet on the shifting 
surface. The sun beats down on your head, burns through your shirt, 
drains your body of moisture so that your mouth feels like cotton and 
your tongue swells. 
In a way, Psalms 78-83 describe Asaph's journey through a 
desert. God's people were weak and struggling. They were victims of 
enemies that had drained them and their land of every resource, and left 
them destitute and dying. It's no wonder that Asaph cried out again 
and again, appealing to God to restore the blessings once enjoyed by 
his people. 
Now, suddenly, with Psalm 84, another psalmist reminds us that 
no matter how desperate our situation, any desert God's people may 
find themselves in has an oasis. In Old Testament times, God's people 
directed their feet upward. Approaching Jerusalem, buoyed up by the 
thought that they would soon appear before God in Zion, His people went 
"from strength to strength." 
And even today we need only to close our eyes to find ourselves 
in the very presence of the LORD. When our soul yearns for God, we 
can simply turn our thoughts to Him, and we are there, with Him. 
Our days may be filled with troubles, and our hearts may ache, 
yet we can know the blessedness of those "whose strength is in You, 
who have set their hearts on pilgrimage." As pressures mount we can 
visit the LORD in our hearts, and be reminded that "no good thing does 
He withhold from those whose walk is blameless." 
The peace, the quiet confidence, the strength we need, are all 
there, available in our desert places. As we draw on them we cry with 
the psalmist, "O LORD Almighty, blessed is the man who trusts in 
You." The more difficult our days, the more we need to draw strength 
from God, and experience the blessing that is ours now through trust. 
[The 365-Day Devotional Commentary mod] 

Bounteous is Jehovah in his nature; to give is his delight. His 
gifts are beyond measure precious, and are as freely given as the 
light of the sun. He gives grace to his elect because he wills it, to 
his redeemed because of his covenant, to the called because of his 
promise, to believers because they seek it, to sinners because they need 
it. He gives grace abundantly, seasonably, constantly, readily, 
sovereignly; doubly enhancing the value of the boon by the manner of its 
bestowal. Grace in all its forms he freely renders to his people: 
comforting, preserving, sanctifying, directing, instructing, assisting 
grace, he generously pours into their souls without ceasing, and he 
always will do so, whatever may occur. Sickness may befall, but the 
Lord will give grace; poverty may happen to us, but grace will surely 
be afforded; death must come but grace will light a candle at the 
darkest hour. Reader, how blessed it is as years roll round, and the 
leaves begin again to fall, to enjoy such an unfading promise as this, 
"The Lord will give grace."  
The little conjunction "and" in this verse is a diamond rivet 
binding the present with the future: grace and glory always go together. 
God has married them, and none can divorce them. The Lord will never 
deny a soul glory to whom he has freely given to live upon his grace; 
indeed, glory is nothing more than grace in its Sabbath dress, grace in 
full bloom, grace like autumn fruit, mellow and perfected. How soon 
we may have glory none can tell! It may be before this month of 
October has run out we shall see the Holy City; but be the interval 
longer or shorter, we shall be glorified ere long. Glory, the glory of 
heaven, the glory of eternity, the glory of Jesus, the glory of the 
Father, the Lord will surely give to his chosen. Oh, rare promise of a 
faithful God!  
Two golden links of one celestial chain:
Who owneth grace shall surely glory gain. [Morning and Evening 
by Charles H. Spurgeon] 

If we take counsel with our doubts and fears, or try to solve 
everything that we cannot see clearly, before we have faith, perplexities 
will only increase and deepen. But if we come to God, feeling 
helpless and dependent, as we really are, and in humble, trusting faith 
make known our wants to Him whose knowledge is infinite, who sees 
everything in creation, and who governs everything by His will and word, He 
can and will attend to our cry, and will let light shine into our 
hearts.  SC96-7 

To claim that prayer will always be answered in the very way and 
for the particular thing that we desire, is presumption. God is too 
wise to err, and too good to withhold any good thing from them that 
walk uprightly.... SC96-7