Isaiah 30:1 - How Plans Fail or Succeed.

Isa. 30:1: How Plans Fail or Succeed.

Isa 30:1 (NIV)  "Woe to the obstinate children," declares the 
LORD, "to those who carry out plans that are not mine, forming an 
alliance, but not by my Spirit, heaping sin upon sin; 

Isa 30:1 (NLT)  "Destruction is certain for my rebellious 
children," says the LORD. "You make plans that are contrary to my will. You 
weave a web of plans that are not from my Spirit, thus piling up your 

This is the fourth woe in 28:1-35:10.... To the sin of injustice 
they add the sin of devising plans independently of God. [Nelson SB] 

It was because of the sins of Judah that the Assyrian armies had 
been permitted to come against her in the first place. Now Judah 
added to her sin by going to Egypt for help. [SDA Commentary] 

God warned that true deliverance was to be found in the security 
of his own person. [New Bible Companion] 

Plans made without consulting God will fail (30:1-31:9)... In His 
time God will arise. [The 365-Day Devotional Commentary] 

The people of Judah sought advice from everyone but God. When we 
are driven by fear, we tend to search everywhere for comfort, 
advice, and relief, hoping to find an easy way out of our troubles. 
Instead, we should consult God. Although he gives emergency help in a 
crisis, he prefers to be our Guide throughout our lives. By reading his 
Word and actively seeking to do his will, we can maintain our bond 
with him who provides stability no matter what the crisis. [Life 
Application SB] 

Again and again these chapters stress the futility of relying on 
anything other than God. Perhaps the clearest expression of this is found 
in 31:3: "The Egyptians are men and not God; their horses are flesh 
and not spirit. When the LORD stretches out His hand, he who helps 
will stumble, he who is helped will fall; both will perish together." 
We're so vulnerable to the attitude seen here in the people of Judah. 
We keep on putting our trust in things we can touch, see, and feel. 
We know that the only things that are real, the only things that 
offer true security, are spiritual and not material. If we keep this 
truth clearly in mind, and act on it, we will be safe from the sin 
that brought disaster on ancient Judah. [The 365-Day Devotional 

The Holy Spirit waits to give aid to every believing soul, and 
Jesus declares, "Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the 
world." Let those who believe in Jesus be strong, prayerful, and full of 
trust in Christ's power to save. "Call upon Me in the day of trouble: 
I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify Me."  {TM 380.1} 

Any action not led by God's Spirit is sin. Any action not based 
on trust in God is sin. [Disciple SB] 

God is Sovereign - He is in complete control of His world and 
will ultimately accomplish His purposes. It is futile for people to 
trust in their own plans, strength, and alliances rather than in God. 
[Disciple SB] 

Are you trusting things that cannot help you while the Lord 
waits for you to come to Him for help (30:15,18)?  Those who wait on 
the Lord for help will experience blessings, such as answered prayer 
(30:18-19), God's guidance (30:20-21), cleansing (30:22), fruitfulness 
(30:23-26), victory (30:27-33; 31:4-9), and a song (30:29). [Chapter by 
Chapter Bible Commentary by Warren Wiersbe] 

What a tremendous truth: God's great power is at work on our 
behalf--the same power that created the universe and raised Jesus from the 
dead. Here are some things to remember: (1) God is on your side, ready 
to help you meet each and every obstacle. (2) God's power is never 
stagnant or out of commission--it is always actively working on your 
behalf. (3) God is always fighting against the forces of evil on your 
behalf--no human strength or spiritual power from the evil world (not even 
Satan himself) can deter or change God's power at work on your behalf. 
 When you truly grasp this truth, you begin to understand the 
strength that you have. The power that set the galaxies spinning, that 
holds the earth in place, that calmed the seas, that turned water into 
wine--that power is in your life. Why would we go through life trying to do 
things in our own strength? And yet, so many of us fall into that very 
temptation. Be different. Thank God for his power at work in your life and 
on your behalf. Rely on him instead of yourself. [The One Year 
Bible for New Believers re Eph.1:19, 20] 

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