James 1:17a - Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes From God.

James 1:17a; Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes From God.

James 1:17a (KJV)  Every good gift and every perfect gift is 
from above, and cometh down from the Father... 


Good and Perfect Gift: In the Greek text there are two separate 
words to describe God's giving. The first word means "the act of 
giving" and is accompanied by the adjective for good, while the second 
denotes the actual gifts received and is preceded by the adjective for 
perfect. The first expression emphasizes the goodness of receiving 
something from God, while the second, the perfect quality of whatever God 
gives. God's giving is continuously good; and His gifts are always 
perfect. [Nelson SB] 

Good. God does not give to men gifts that will harm them (see on 
Matt. 7:11). Every impulse to give is from God. It is God's nature to 
give, and it is in response to His Spirit and example that men share 
their possessions with one another. [SDA Commentary] 

Perfect. Every element of evil is excluded. [SDA Commentary]

The "perfect" goodness of God is man's assurance that He does 
not send the problems of life that arise from without or the 
temptations that come from within. [SDA Commentary] 



Every good gift and perfect gift is from above (NKJV). In 
contrast to the view that God sends evil, James points out here that: (1) 
God is the source of everything good, and (2) God's good gifts are 
also perfect. This part of the verse can also be translated, "Every 
generous act of giving, with every perfect gift" (NRSV). As is so often 
the case with the Bible, the meaning of the words is good news even 
at first reading, and the meaning gets better as we understand it. 
God is not only the source of good gifts, he is the very source of 
the giving impulse. The ability to give is one aspect of God's image 
in us. And God's gifts are also perfect. They are good gifts, given 
at the right time, for good purposes. This can result in God 
withholding a good gift from us that would not be perfect for us. That same 
gift may be perfect for someone else. This truth should help us 
rejoice with others when they receive good gifts from God even though we 
have not received the same ones. 
We can be assured that God always wills the best for us -- not 
good things today and bad things tomorrow. Whatever happens is for 
our best. God is not like the well-meaning relative who gives the 
beautiful, warm coat we have always wanted, but that is unfortunately 
several sizes too small. God's gifts are very good, and they also fit us 
perfectly. (The Life Application Commentary Series) 


Oh, the immutability of God!  We have only to think of the many 
friendships which were once so precious and wonder what happened; of the 
trust we placed in another, only to be betrayed. Malachi 3:6 says, "I 
the Lord do not change."  Who He is in the Old Testament, He also is 
in the New.  What He did for Moses, He will do for you! While it is 
true that our ways are not His ways, it is very comforting to know 
that His ways remain firm.  So few things in our lives are firm, 
stable, or solid.  Relationships come and go; jobs evolve or disappear; 
wealth remains elusive or fleeting. Families fall apart or die 
one-by-one.  God, however, remains as He has always been - from eternity 
past to eternity future.  As believers, we should find great comfort 
in this precious truth! When you find yourself in the next crisis 
of transition, stabilize yourself with the great truth of God's 
immutability! [In His Time; Walk With Wisdom] 

God's goodness can always be depended upon. He wants to give us 
what is good for us. He is not moody like the gods of the ancient 
world who had to be placated or humored. He does not run hot and cold. 
He is not changeable, unpredictable, leading us in one way today 
and another way tomorrow. [Disciple SB] 


When you realize how good God is to you, you will have no 
interest in the temptations the enemy puts before you. When you are 
tempted, count your blessings; and you will soon have strength to say no. 
[Chapter by Chapter Bible Commentary by Warren Wiersbe] 

Never start counting your troubles until you've counted at least 
a hundred of your blessings.  By that time, you will have long 
forgotten what your troubles even were! [God's Little Devotional Bible re 

So how can we keep from falling into temptation? The way is 
found in a close relationship with God and the application of his Word 
to daily life. This pattern will lead us to see clearly that every 
good and perfect gift is from above. (The Life Application Commentary 


God is good by His very nature and His goodness flows to His 
creation and especially to His children. When we come to worship our 
Maker, do we come with expectation of good, or do we come with a 
constant burden of the trials we experience? To approach our God in 
worship of Him, without expecting good from Him, brings Him dishonor. It 
is only from Him and none other, that good comes to us. The 
ultimate good is His Son, Jesus Christ who died for our sins. But there 
is also a kind of good in this life; beauty, wonder, peace, joy and 
so much more. As you approach God in worship, expect goodness and 
mercy, and you will receive it abundantly.  [In His Time; Walk With 


The natural inclination in Christian living is to act on the 
impulse of a good idea. Not every good idea is from God. Sometimes good 
ideas get in the way of God ideas.  
Where does your inspiration come from? The vision of the 
transfigured Christ inspired Peter: "O Lord, it is good for us to be here. If 
you wish, I will put up three shelters - one for you, one for Moses 
and one for Elijah" (Matthew 17:4). Our natural impulse is to do 
something good for God and suggest it to Him.  
The tendency of the well-meaning person is to prepare a plan to 
do some good idea, and then pray, "Jesus, this is my plan. It is a 
good plan. It hurts no one, and I want it to please You. Lord, please 
bless my plan." It is plan, then pray.  
So many of our ideas are impetuous. They are not what the Lord 
wants to do. They do not resemble in any way the things which concern 
Him. We have good ideas, but they are not God ideas. His agenda and 
our agenda conflict. We want to build Him a shelter but that is not 
what He wants.... When Peter, James, and John heard the voice of the 
Lord . . . they abandoned their inventive-but-self-made idea. The 
presence of the Lord magnified, and His holiness brought them to their 
senses. Jesus gained their attention, not by subduing them with a stem 
scolding, but by magnifying His presence until all the genius of their 
human ideas was bleached out by His refulgent face. 
When they abandoned their good idea and fell facedown before the 
Lord, He could work with them again.... 
When you and I abandon our good idea and fall to our face before 
me Lord, then He will come and touch us, too. When we pursue our 
own plan He cannot use us. We must abandon our good idea and fall 
facedown before Him. Then He will be able to use us again. Then He will 
reveal what He is doing - a God idea.... It is pray, then plan. Through 
prayer, Jesus instructs of His plan, a God idea. 
Prayer removes the impulse of the good idea, the good idea born 
of human ingenuity but not of God. Pray, then plan. It is the habit 
of the surrendered saint. by Patrick M. Morley 


He is already half false who speculates on truth and does not do 
it. Truth is given, not to be contemplated, but to be done. F. W.