Matthew 27:22 - Jesus Before Pilate And Each Person Who Has Ever Lived.

Matthew 27:22; Jesus Before Pilate And Each Person Who Has Ever 

Matthew 27:22 (NIV) "What shall I do, then, with Jesus who is 
called Christ?" Pilate asked. They all answered, "Crucify him!"  
This is the most important question in the Bible that each 
person must answer. 

You must read all the Gospel accounts to see the restlessness 
and indecision of the Roman governor. Time after time he went out to 
the crowd, then came in to question Jesus, all the while seeking 
some way to avoid making a decision. But no man can avoid making a 
decision about Christ! [Wiersbe Expository Outlines] 

Pilate lacked the moral courage to render the verdict he knew to 
be right. Like him, many today cast about for ways to avoid the 
issue (v. 24), but sooner or later they must make their final decision 
for or against Christ. [SDA Commentary] 

By all first-century accounts Pilate was a cruel man. He cared 
nothing for the beliefs or sensitivities of the people in the province 
he governed for some 10 years. And he undoubtedly enriched himself 
while serving as the Roman overseer of Judea. 
Yet even Pilate was uncomfortable when Jesus was brought to him 
to be sentenced. Ultimately Pilate bowed to pressure brought by the 
Jewish leaders and the crowds, and condemned Christ to death. He didn't 
want to do it. But it was easier to surrender Jesus than to order His 
release and risk a riot. 
Again we see the dominance of Jesus. He forces each individual 
who meets Him to stop, to face some crucial choice, and to decide. 
Pilate tried to disguise his choice, telling the Jews, "It is 
your responsibility." It was not, of course. Only Pilate had the 
power to order Christ's crucifixion. And Pilate had the authority to 
release Him. Pilate tried to shift responsibility for his decision, but 
whatever he and the eager Jewish leaders said, Pilate remained 
responsible for his decision in the case of Jesus Christ. 
So do we, each and every one. We can never shift responsibility 
for any decision we may make concerning Him. No one else will be 
condemned for us. And no one else's saving faith will save you or me. 
As with Pilate, Jesus stands before us, and we, alone, must 
decide His case. [The 365-Day Devotional Commentary] 

Multitudes who choose the world, rather than God, for their 
ruler and portion, thus choose their own delusions.... Are we not all 
concerned? Is not Barabbas preferred to Jesus, when sinners reject 
salvation that they may retain their darling sins, which rob God of his 
glory, and murder their souls? [Matthew Henry Commentary Concise]