Luke 19:26 - Parable About The Three Servants.

Luke 19:26 - Parable About The Three Servants.

Luke 19:26 (NLT) "'Yes,' the king replied, 'but to those who use 
well what they are given, even more will be given. But from those who 
are unfaithful, even what little they have will be taken away.  

Luke 19:26 (ICB) The king said, 'The one who uses what he has 
will get more. But the one who does not use what he has will have 
everything taken away from him.  


Why was the king so hard on this man who had not increased the 
money? He punished the man because (1) he didn't share his master's 
interest in the kingdom; (2) he didn't trust his master's intentions; (3) 
his only concern was for himself, and (4) he did nothing to use the 
money. Like the king in this story, God has given you gifts to use for 
the benefit of his kingdom. Do you want the kingdom to grow? Do you 
trust God to govern it fairly? Are you as concerned for others' 
welfare as you are for your own? Are you willing to use faithfully what 
he has entrusted to you? [Life Application SB] 

    To every man is committed individual gifts, termed talents. 
Some regard these talents as being limited to certain men who possess 
superior mental endowments and genius. But God has not restricted the 
bestowal of His talents to a favored few. To everyone is committed some 
special endowment, for which he will be held responsible by the Lord. 
Time, reason, means, strength, mental powers, tenderness of heart--all 
are gifts from God, entrusted to be used in the great work of 
blessing humanity.   
    The Lord is watching everyone to see whether he will use his 
talents wisely and unselfishly, or whether he will seek his own 
advancement. The talents are distributed to every man according to his 
several ability, that he may add to them by wise investment.  
    The Lord will not require from those who are poor that which 
they have not to give; He will not require from the sick the active 
energies which bodily weakness forbids. No one need mourn because he 
cannot glorify God with talents that were never entrusted to Him. But 
if you have only one talent, use it well, and it will accumulate. 
If the talents are not buried, they will gain yet other talents.   
    The goods we receive are not our own. The entrusted capital 
is to be used, and when the returns are made, they are still the 
Lord's property. We have no right to hoard these talents; when the Lord 
Jesus returns He expects to receive His own with usury.  {5BC 1100}   

The Bible makes it clear that each believer is given "gifts" -- a 
unique mix of abilities. Jesus fashioned you for a particular purpose 
and wastes nothing of your life in the plan he has for your future. 
Like the nobleman in this story who divided up the silver among his 
servants, Jesus gives his people gifts and expects us to "invest" them 
while he is gone to heaven. Some of us will have huge amounts of 
return, some not so much. But in both of those cases, Jesus' response 
will be, "Well done!" However, if you, like the third servant, bury 
your gift out of selfishness or fear, you will be held accountable 
and judged.... You see, you have been given gifts for the purpose of 
serving God while you remain on this earth. You have a job to do. 
Whatever you do, do it well, and do it for God's glory. Then God will say 
to you, "Well done." [The One Year Bible for New Believers re Luke 

Jesus' parable teaches the importance of investing for the 
kingdom. Unused resources and opportunities disappear. Undeveloped 
relationships and ideas fall by the wayside. For Jesus' faithful servants, 
faith is not being passive while others are active, waiting while 
others are busy, or stalling while others are problem solving.... 
Instead, faith makes maximum use of talents and resources, operates 
freely without worry and self-centeredness, energetically pursues God's 
mission in the world, and shows increasing love for people on the 
fringes. Are you a faithful and productive servant for Christ? (Life 
Application Commentary)