John 6:51 - Jesus is the Bread of Eternal Life - Are You "Eating" Him? - part two.

John 6:51 - Jesus is the Bread of Eternal Life - Are You 
"Eating" Him? - part two. 

John 6:51 (KJV)  I am the living bread which came down from 
heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live forever: and the 
bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of 
the world. 


How Do You "Eat" Jesus, The Bread Of Eternal Life?

To give of his flesh meant Jesus gave over his body to death on 
the cross, so that by his death the world could have life. To eat 
the living bread means to accept Christ into our lives and become 
united with him. We are united with Christ in two ways: (1) by 
believing in his death (the sacrifice of his flesh) and resurrection and 
(2) by devoting ourselves each day to living as he requires, 
depending on his teaching for guidance, and trusting in the Holy Spirit 
for power. Just as the Jews depended on bread for daily strength and 
relished it as a main part of their diet, so we should depend on and 
desire the living Christ in our daily lives. (Life Application 

To eat the flesh and drink the blood of Christ is to receive Him 
as a personal Saviour, believing that He forgives our sins, and 
that we are complete in Him. It is by beholding His love, by dwelling 
upon it, by drinking it in, that we are to become partakers of His 
nature. What food is to the body, Christ must be to the soul. Food 
cannot benefit us unless we eat it, unless it becomes a part of our 
being. So Christ is of no value to us if we do not know Him as a 
personal Saviour. A theoretical knowledge will do us no good. We must 
feed upon Him, receive Him into the heart, so that His life becomes 
our life. His love, His grace, must be assimilated. DA389 

The life of Christ that gives life to the world is in His word. 
It was by His word that Jesus healed disease and cast out demons; 
by His word He stilled the sea, and raised the dead; and the people 
bore witness that His word was with power. He spoke the word of God, 
as He had spoken through all the prophets and teachers of the Old 
Testament. The whole Bible is a manifestation of Christ, and the Saviour 
desired to fix the faith of His followers on the word. When His visible 
presence should be withdrawn, the word must be their source of power. 
Like their Master, they were to live "by every word that proceedeth 
out of the mouth of God." Matt. 4:4. 
As our physical life is sustained by food, so our spiritual life 
is sustained by the word of God. And every soul is to receive life 
from God's word for himself. As we must eat for ourselves in order to 
receive nourishment, so we must receive the word for ourselves. We are 
not to obtain it merely through the medium of another's mind. We 
should carefully study the Bible, asking God for the aid of the Holy 
Spirit, that we may understand His word. We should take one verse, and 
concentrate the mind on the task of ascertaining the thought which God has 
put in that verse for us. We should dwell upon the thought until it 
becomes our own, and we know "what saith the Lord." DA390 

As we need food to sustain our physical strength, so do we need 
Christ, the Bread from heaven, to sustain spiritual life and impart 
strength to work the works of God. As the body is continually receiving 
the nourishment that sustains life and vigor, so the soul must be 
constantly communing with Christ, submitting to Him and depending wholly 
upon Him.  MB19  

The words of God are the wellsprings of life. As you seek unto 
those living springs you will, through the Holy Spirit, be brought 
into communion with Christ. Familiar truths will present themselves 
to your mind in a new aspect, texts of Scripture will burst upon 
you with a new meaning as a flash of light, you will see the 
relation of other truths to the work of redemption, and you will know 
that Christ is leading you, a divine Teacher is at your side. MB20 

By looking constantly to Jesus with the eye of faith, we shall 
be strengthened. God will make the most precious revelations to His 
hungering, thirsting people. They will find that Christ is a personal 
Saviour. As they feed upon His word, they find that it is spirit and 
life. The word destroys the natural, earthly nature, and imparts a new 
life in Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit comes to the soul as a 
Comforter. By the transforming agency of His grace, the image of God is 
reproduced in the disciple; he becomes a new creature. Love takes the place 
of hatred, and the heart receives the divine similitude. This is 
what it means to live "by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth 
of God." This is eating the Bread that comes down from heaven.  

There are many hundreds of thousands of books in the Library of 
Congress in Washington, D.C.  Books on countless subjects, by countless 
people over hundreds of years.  Some of those writings have been the 
seed bed for philosophies, political parties, religious movements and 
more. The writers have come and gone; most are no longer remembered.  
God's Word is remembered because it IS His Word, and it WORKS.  The 
sad thing is, many of us don't pay any more attention to God's Word 
than to any other book. In the Bible are the tools to enable every 
believer to lead a victorious life.  But day after day, the Bible sits 
unopened.  We must take that Word, read it, think about it and so devour 
it that it feeds us. Memorize it! That Word transforms our thoughts 
and actions.  Christian, take it today and feed on it and put it in 
your heart, that you might not sin against Almighty God, and partake 
of the victorious life!  [In His Time; Walk With Wisdom] 

Those who have lived on the flesh and blood of the Son of 
God--His Holy Word--will be strengthened, rooted, and grounded in the 
faith. 6BC1065 

All who in faith receive the Word of God will be doers of that 
Word. Their minds will be enlarged by a true knowledge, which Christ 
represents as eating the flesh and drinking the blood of the Son of God. 
And as they practice the truth, they hold forth the Word of life to 
others. Thus they become an influence among influences, a savor of life 
unto life. SD299 

Those who retain the grosser traits of character, who continue 
to reveal human defects in their words and disposition, bear 
testimony that they are not eating the flesh and drinking the blood of the 
Son of God.  It is the Word of God abiding in the heart that will 
quicken the spiritual faculties. . . . SD299