1 Corinthians 16:14 - Do Everything In Love.

1 Corinthians 16:14 (CWR)  Whatever you do, do it with love.

Love for the needy (1-4). These instructions concern the 
offering Paul was taking up from the churches to help the needy believers 
in Judea (Rom. 15:25-27). The principles involved may be applied to 
Christian giving in general: our giving should be voluntary, in proportion 
to God's blessing, systematic, and handled honestly. 
Love for leaders (5-12). We have the privilege of encouraging 
God's work as we pray for His servants. Even men like Paul, Timothy, 
and Apollos needed the help and encouragement of God's people. Are 
you praying for leaders? 
Love for the church (13-18). Love, steadfastness, and submission 
make for a strong church. When you have people who are devoted to the 
work of the Lord, people who refresh you in the Lord, God is going to 
bless. What a joy to be a part of a church family that ministers in 
Love for Christ (19-24). "O Lord, come!" is a prayer that 
reveals Paul's daily anticipation of the return of the Lord. When he 
made his plans (vv. 5-8), he included the blessed hope. Do you love 
Him and love His appearing (2 Tim. 4:8)? [Chapter by Chapter Bible 
Commentary by Warren Wiersbe] 

As the Corinthians awaited Paul's next visit, they were directed 
to (1) be on their guard against spiritual dangers, (2) stand firm 
in the faith, (3) behave courageously, (4) be strong, and (5) do 
everything with kindness and in love. Today, as we wait for the return of 
Christ, we should follow the same instructions.  [Life Application SB re 
vv. 13, 14] 

Let love to God, to man, and to one another, be the motive of 
all your conduct. (Adam Clarke Commentary) 

Love is the all-conquering quality, the grand solution to all 
problems. The counsel given here may be considered as the supreme feature 
of Paul's instruction to the Corinthian believers and to all 
Christians everywhere at all times. Supreme love for God and unselfish love 
for men will abolish all strife, contention, pride, and associated 
evils. This basic attribute of the character of God (1 John 4:8) must 
activate every child of God, so that his life will be a demonstration of 
the power of love and a proof of the truth of the gospel of Jesus 
Christ. [SDA Commentary] 

In the New Testament, when Jesus was asked what commandment is 
the greatest (Matthew 22:37-38), he replied by quoting today's 
reading. Why is the commandment to love God so important that it is to be 
held above all others? God is the one true God. Loving him with all 
of your heart, soul, and strength sets a pattern for everything 
else in your life.  
Loving God is a prerequisite for loving others. Recognizing that 
God loves your coworkers, neighbors, friends, and family as much as 
he loves you should make you think twice before being rude, 
disrespectful, or dismissive. Loving God is the key to obeying him. What God 
would have you do is most important; bringing glory to him is your 
soul's desire. The apostle John wrote: "Loving God means keeping his 
commandments, and his commandments are not burdensome" (1 John 5:3). 
How can we grow in our love for God? Get to know him better. 
Meditate on his Word and pray to him. The more you get to know him, the 
more your love for him will grow. [The One Year Bible for New 
Believers re Deu.6:4, 5] 

The secret of true obedience is the clear and close personal 
relationship to God. All our attempts after full obedience will be failures 
until we get access to his abiding fellowship. It is God's holy 
presence consciously abiding with us that keeps us from disobeying Him. I 
must consciously include the Lord in every thought, activity, and 
conversation until the habit is established. - Andrew Murray re Gal. 5:6 

Our deeds of service and love should flow out of our gratitude 
for what Christ did. [The One Year Bible Companion re Gal.5:2]