Matthew 25:10 - Be Ready - Walking in the Spirit!

Matthew 25:10 (NKJV) And while they went to buy, the bridegroom 
came, and those who were ready went in with him to the wedding; and 
the door was shut.  

In the parable, all the ten virgins went out to meet the 
bridegroom. All had lamps and vessels for oil. For a time there was seen no 
difference between them. So with the church that lives just before Christ's 
second coming. All have a knowledge of the Scriptures. All have heard 
the message of Christ's near approach, and confidently expect His 
appearing. But as in the parable, so it is now. A time of waiting 
intervenes, faith is tried; and when the cry is heard, "Behold, the 
Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet Him," many are unready. They have no 
oil in their vessels with their lamps. They are destitute of the 
Holy Spirit. COL405-420 

The class represented by the foolish virgins . . . . have a 
regard for the truth, they have advocated the truth, they are attracted 
to those who believe the truth; but they have not yielded 
themselves to the Holy Spirit's working. They have not fallen upon the 
Rock, Christ Jesus, and permitted their old nature to be broken up. 
This class are represented also by the stony-ground hearers. They 
receive the word with readiness, but they fail of assimilating its 
principles. Its influence is not abiding. The Spirit works upon man's heart, 
according to his desire and consent implanting in him a new nature; but 
the class represented the foolish virgins have been content with a 
superficial work. They do not know God. They have not studied His character; 
they have not held communion with Him; therefore they do not know how 
to trust, how to look and live. Their service to God degenerates 
into a form. COL405-420 

There are certain things which cannot be obtained at the last 
minute. It is far too late for a student to be preparing when the day of 
the examination has come. It is too late for a man to acquire a 
skill, or a character, if he does not already possess it, when some 
task offers itself to him. Similarly, it is easy to leave things so 
late that we can no longer prepare ourselves to meet with God. . . . 
. A man cannot borrow a relationship with God; he must possess it 
for himself. A man cannot borrow a character; he must be clothed 
with it. We cannot always be living on the spiritual capital which 
others have amassed. There are certain things we must win or acquire 
for ourselves, for we cannot borrow them from others. [Barclay 

There is no substitute for spiritual preparation. Spiritual 
preparation equips you for unforeseen crises or opportunities. However, if 
you are unprepared you will be vulnerable in life's unexpected 
Jesus told a parable that teaches this truth. Ten virgins were 
awaiting the arrival of the bridegroom so that they could celebrate with 
him and his bride. Five of them prepared in advance and brought an 
adequate supply of oil for their lamps. The other five were not prepared, 
so they rushed out to buy additional lamp oil. While they were 
gone, the bridegroom arrived. The five who had planned ahead entered 
into the house with him, but the door was closed against the five who 
were not ready, and they missed the celebration. 
If you are spiritually prepared when a crisis comes, you will 
not have to try to develop instantly the quality of relationship 
with Christ that can sustain you. If you suddenly have an opportunity 
to share your faith with an unbeliever, you will be equipped to do 
so. If you enter a time of worship spiritually prepared, you will 
not miss an encounter with God. If you are spiritually filled when 
you meet a person in sorrow, you will have much to offer. If you 
have established safeguards in your life in advance, you will not 
give in to temptation. 
Christians lose many opportunities to experience God's activity 
because they have not devoted enough time to their relationship with 
God. If you have not yet developed the habit of daily prayer and 
Bible study, why not begin now, so that you will be equipped for 
whatever life brings? [Experiencing God Day by Day by Henry and Richard 
Blackaby re v. 10]