Genesis 50:20 - God Often Brings Good Out Of Evil.

Genesis 50:20 - God Often Brings Good Out Of Evil.

Genesis 50:20 (TEV)  You plotted evil against me, but God turned 
it into good, in order to preserve the lives of many people who are 
alive today because of what happened.  

An Old Testament counterpart of Rom. 8:28 And we know that all 
things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are 
the called according to His purpose. [Scofield Study Bible] 

This text is another clear statement of the overruling 
providence of God. [Ryrie Study Bible] 

The theme of divine providence permeates the entire story of 
Joseph (chs 37-50) and illustrates God's ability to guide the course of 
history. Our sufferings often have a purpose within God's providence. 
[Disciple Study Bible] 

God brought good from Joseph's brothers' evil deed, Potiphar's 
wife's false accusation, the cupbearer's neglect, and seven years of 
famine. The experiences in Joseph's life taught him that God brings good 
from evil for those who trust him. Do you trust God enough to wait 
patiently for him to bring good out of bad situations? You can trust him 
because, as Joseph learned, God can overrule people's evil intentions to 
bring about his intended results. [Life Application Study Bible] 

God's control over Joseph's life is confirmed by the fact that 
evil devised became good bestowed, with God's providence overriding 
the many wicked deeds suffered by Joseph. [Believer's Study Bible] 

God works His good plan even through the evil plans of evil 
people. [Nelson Study Bible] 

The life story of Joseph clearly illustrates that God sometimes 
grants permission for adversity to enter our lives so that He might 
accomplish an ultimate good. 
Jacob didn't try to hide his lopsided love for Joseph, his son 
by his favorite wife, Rachel. So when Joseph shared two dreams with 
his brothers - dreams in which Joseph took center stage and his 
brothers bowed low to serve him - they started looking for a way to 
destroy him. 
One day Joseph's brothers secretly sold him into slavery. 
Eventually he wound up as the slave of Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh. 
Joseph quickly rose to prominence in his new position, but when 
Potiphar's wife falsely accused Joseph of rape, the beleaguered young man 
got tossed into prison. 
Even there, he rose to a position of leadership. When he 
correctly interpreted the dream of a royal servant, Joseph hoped that his 
fortunes were about to change. But the man promptly forgot him for two 
long years. Not until Pharaoh himself, needed someone to interpret a 
troubling dream did the man mention Joseph (see Gen.39 - 40). 
At the right time, God reversed Joseph's adversity.
After Joseph correctly interpreted the dream, Pharaoh put him in 
charge of the nation's harvest. Later, Joseph used his new authority as 
prime minister to help his family through a severe famine. 
After Jacob's death, Joseph's brothers feared that he might try 
to "pay them back." But Joseph said to them, "Do not be afraid, for 
am I in the place of God? But as for you, you meant evil against 
me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is 
this day, to save many people. alive" (Gen. 50:19, 20). 
In looking back over his life - even the dark and painful events 
- Joseph realized that God had been in charge all the time. 
Nothing had happened to him apart from God's will and divine plan. 
In the same way, when you belong to the Lord, any adversity you 
may experience remains subject to the Lord's power and grace. He 
never stops being in charge of your life. He never loses authority 
over you or over the circumstances that affect you. God is always in 
Therefore, you must realize that, on occasion, the Lord permits 
adversity to enter your life. He uses adversity to fulfill His purposes in 
you and through you. [Life Principles Study Bible By Charles 

Sometimes God allows us to go through difficult times, even as a 
result of the wicked actions of others. Yet whatever we have to endure, 
no matter how unfair or unjust, we can be sure that God will use it 
for good. [Life Principles Study Bible By Charles Stanley] 

Joseph's brothers had no way of knowing their wicked deed would 
be a means of fulfilling the purpose of God for his life.  Instead 
of keeping Joseph from fulfilling his dream, they made it possible 
for him to realize it. God, in His sovereignty, directs the affairs 
of the universe.  He often permits the wicked to carry out their 
evil plans in order to fulfill some larger purpose He has for the 
objects of their violence and cruelty.  Since it is not possible for us 
to see the whole picture from God's perspective, we must exercise 
faith and believe that the God of all the earth will do right and that 
all things do "work together for good to those who love God", who 
are "called according to His purpose" (Rom.8:28).  When we have to 
suffer tribulation, distress, persecution, famine or war, we can be 
assured of God's presence and of our ability to conquer through Him who 
loves us.  [Daily Devotional Bible p.76] 

How can we reconcile ourselves to hurtful experiences that the 
Lord has permitted?  Look for the good that God will bring out of it. 
 Remember Rom.8:28   [Adult SS Quarterly, 6/2/96] 

A quip from a church billboard: "Don't give up!  Moses was  a 
basket case too!"  
You remember well the story. Baby Moses, endangered by the king 
as was all little Israelite boys, was placed into a basket on the 
River Nile, that he might be saved from destruction....and he was!  
Well--his mom and sister THOUGHT he was....but the devil thought 
otherwise. He planned for this child to be raised in a God-less environment 
with more "gods" than he could count. He planned to snatch away this 
child, destined to be a leader for the Lord--to inoculate him with the 
pleasures of Egypt and of this  world--to keep him from God's perfect plan 
for his life  
But God had other plans....for that basket was arranged by the 
living God who had great plans for that little boy . He received the 
finest of a free education and training for leadership in the courts of 
Egypt, God's hand still on his life. Deep within his heart was a Godly 
heritage implanted by his family that would surface in young adulthood 
and bring the "basket plan" of God--not Satan--to full fruition.  
God knew exactly what He was doing--and the devil had to do a 
"double-take" for the Prince of Egypt  was a Prince of the Most High God, 
prepared, NOT to be a "basket case" eaten by the crocodiles in the River 
Nile, nor an Egyptian prince "basket case" to party and pleasure in 
sinful indulgence--but prepared to bless God's people and bring them 
out of bondage. What the devil meant  for harm, God meant for 
good--and that principle still works today!  
So, crocodiles, shut your mouths--find your dinner elsewhere. We 
are the people of the Lord, protected  by the Most High God. We 
believe His Word, and by faith, we climb into our love-protected,  
peace-provided, joy-filled BASKETS and sail life's seas in victory for a 
wonderful DAY!!! Trooper753@aol.com.