Mark 14:26 - The Lord's Supper Closing Hymn.

Mark 14:26 - The Lord's Supper Closing Hymn.

Mark 14:26 (NIV) When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the 
Mount of Olives.  

The hymn they sang was most likely taken from Psalms 115 - 118, 
traditionally sung at the Passover meal. [Life Application SB] 

It was customary to end the Passover by singing the last part of 
the hallel psalms (Pss 114 - 118). The singing of hymns brought the 
Passover meal and Last Supper to a conclusion, and Jesus and the 
disciples departed for the Mount of Olives to spend the night. [NLT SB]  

Before leaving the upper chamber, the Saviour led His disciples 
in a song of praise. His voice was heard, not in the strains of 
some mournful lament, but in the joyful notes of the Passover hallel: 
  "O praise the Lord, all ye nations: 
  Praise Him, all ye people. 
  For His merciful kindness is great toward us: 
  And the truth of the Lord endureth forever. 
  Praise ye the Lord." Psalm 117.  {DA 672}

Praise before Victory
  Praise is greatly honoring to God! In the Old Testament 
account of King Jehoshaphat, God's people faced a seemingly 
insurmountable enemy who was determined to destroy them. Yet God assured them 
that they would "stand still and see the salvation of the Lord" (2Ch 
20:17). The people of Judah believed God. Their army was led by singers, 
offering praises to the Lord for their promised victory, and the victory 
came. When King David led the procession bringing the ark of the 
covenant into Jerusalem, he praised God with all of his strength (2Sa 
6:12-23). David's praise was pleasing to God, and God's powerful presence 
remained in David's kingdom to give him victory against every enemy. 
  Jesus was about to go to Gethsemane and to the cross, where 
God's greatest victory would be accomplished. He led His disciples to 
sing a hymn. The disciples were all about to fail Him, and Jesus was 
about to be cruelly executed, yet Jesus insisted that they praise God. 
Their praise looked beyond the cross to God's ultimate victory. Praise 
is rooted not in circumstances of the moment but in the nature and 
trustworthiness of God. 
  You ought to rejoice when God asks you to proceed in the work 
of His kingdom because you know the victory is already secured. 
Don't focus on the problems and failures of others. Focus on God's 
assurance of victory. If you have trouble praising God with a song in your 
heart as you serve Him, it may be that your focus is not on God, but 
on your circumstances. [Experiencing God Day by Day by Henry and 
Richard Blackaby re Mark 14:26] 


If you cannot rejoice in your circumstances, you can always 
rejoice in the Lord who controls your circumstances. Fix your attention 
on Him. He may not change your situation, but He will change you; 
and that is even better. [Chapter by Chapter Bible Commentary by 
Warren Wiersbe re Phil. 3:1] 

A Christian's joy does not spring from his circumstances, but 
from the blessings that are his because he is in Christ. [Bible 
Knowledge Commentary] 

In Jesus our joy will be full; and it is our fault if we have 
not a continual feast.  (Matthew Henry's Commentary) 

Christian joy is not dampened by affliction or other harsh 
circumstances, because it is rooted in one's unassailable relationship to God. 
In fact, joy may thrive in tribulation when a believer discerns the 
glorious purposes of God. Such joy is not self-generated but is the 
Spirit's fruit. [Wycliffe Bible Commentary] 

There is always something for which to give thanks; even on the 
darkest day there are blessings to count. We must remember that if we 
face the sun the shadows will fall behind us but if we turn our backs 
on the sun all the shadows will be in front. [Barclay Commentary] 

Real joy depends upon one's relation to God, (UBS Translator 
Handbook Series) 

The Christian who walks with the Lord and keeps in constant 
communion with Him will see many reasons for rejoicing and thanksgiving 
all day long. [Wiersbe Expository Outlines] 

Rather than complain about your present situation, look for ways 
to use every opportunity to serve God and share him with others. 
Your problems may be opportunities in disguise. [Life Application SB 
re Act.25:23]