Psalm 4:8 - Finding Peace While Sleeping.

Psalm 4:8 - Finding Peace While Sleeping. 

Psalm 4:8 (NLT)  I will lie down in peace and sleep,  for you 
alone, O LORD, will keep me safe. 

Psalm 4:8 (CWR)  At night I will sleep in peace because the Lord 
watches over me and keeps me safe. 

In peace i.e. Without anxiety. [NIV SB]

The peace that God gives is far from a relaxation technique. It 
is a peace that enables an anxious person to lie down and sleep 
(3:5). [Nelson SB] 

  David wrote this psalm as he was about to retire for the night 
(v. 8). He could not do much about the war around him, but he could 
do something about the war within him. He did not want to lie in 
bed and worry, so he committed himself and his situation to the 
  He asked (1-3). Asking the Lord for help is still a good way 
to deal with inner turmoil (Phil. 4:6-7). 
  He believed (4-5). He faced his anger honestly and gave it to 
the Lord (Eph. 4:26). Instead of lying in bed and thinking about 
your problems, meditate on the Lord and offer Him sacrifices of 
  He received (6-8). In the darkness, he saw the face of God and 
received light. In his sorrow, he discovered the gift of gladness. In the 
time of battle, he received peace. God did not immediately change the 
situation, but He did change David; He can do the same for you. [Chapter by 
Chapter Bible Commentary by Warren Wiersbe re Psa. 4] 

  When we lay our heads on the pillow at night, the only 
security we have is God's presence. For all of our security systems, 
yearly physicals, savings accounts, and pension plans, the only real 
peace we can find comes from knowing that we will never face life 
alone. God will always be there with us.  
  The psalmist, David, understood this. As a soldier he carried 
swords. As a general he had an army. As a king he had guards. But what 
he knew in his heart was that only God's presence was a true source 
of peace.  
  What about you? Have you begun to experience this peace 
promised by God? Becoming a believer didn't erase all your problems or 
change the world to a rosy shade of pink, but becoming a believer does 
put you in the lap of One who will protect you, watch over you, help 
you through the problems, and make you a better person because of 
them. You can rest in peace knowing that you will never be alone 
again. God is watching over you. [The One Year Bible for New Believers 
re Psalm 4:8] 

In this psalm David proclaimed his faith in God's ability to 
answer him when he called and to protect him even when he was pursued 
and slandered by his enemies. David's experiences with God had 
taught him that he did not have to wait to praise God until he was 
enjoying "better times." Though David was weary and may have been 
spending the night in a cave as he fled his enemies and didn't know the 
outcome of the danger he was in, his trust produced joy that was greater 
than the joy experienced by those celebrating a great harvest. And he 
could then lie down in peace and sleep because he knew God alone would 
keep him safe. What situation or problem could steal your sleep and 
your peace and joy? Call on the living God, who will answer when you 
call to him. And remember that you can close your eyes and rest 
because God's eyes never close. The One who never sleeps cares for you 
personally and watches over you. [Praying Through The Bible By Fuller re 
Psa. 4:3, 6-8] 

            Peace With God Is The Fruit Of Oneness With God
  How do we maintain a sense of peace and spiritual balance when 
trials strike? 
  The answer is found in a close, abiding relationship with 
Jesus Christ. The words of Helen Lemmel's classic hymn, "Turn Your 
Eyes Upon Jesus," contains a vital and exciting truth: an unshakable 
peace is available to all who turn the eyes of their hearts to Jesus. 
  Chances are that when adversity strikes, one of the first 
things you do is to wonder why. Then you may question what kind of 
impact it will have on your life. While reactions such as these are 
normal, we also need another response, and that is to turn to the One 
who holds all comfort and security firmly within His grasp. 
  No one, outside of God, is equipped to handle our problems. He 
never meant for us to be strong on our own He wants us to find courage 
and hope and strength in Him and His Word.  
  Many wonder what they can do to change the feelings of anxiety 
they feel when they come under pressure. One of the first steps is to 
recognize anxiety for what it is, the opposite of peace. It is the fan 
that flames the fires of doubt and confusion and has the ability to 
leave us helplessly bundled up in worry and fear. When we cave into 
thoughts of anxiety, we lose our spiritual focus and mindset. The key to 
overcoming anxiety is found only in the presence of God. 
  Paul admonishes us, "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything 
by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be 
made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all 
understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds through Christ Jesus" 
(Phil. 4:6, 7). 
  Accepting God's timetable and the limitations He places on a 
given situation helps to dispel rising anxiety. Therefore, let Him 
provide for you in His timing. When you accept life as a gift from the 
hand of God, then you will do what Helen Lemmel's song says - you 
will turn your eyes toward Jesus. You will look full into His 
glorious face and there find mercy and grace, forgiveness and hope, peace 
and everlasting security. 
  What would you give to experience the peace of God? Are you 
willing to lay down the anger that haunts your soul because someone has 
done something to wound you? God knows the hurt you have experienced. 
Will you trust Him in guietness, knowing that He has not forgotten 
you but stands ready to heal you? 
  God's peace is unshakable because there has never been a time 
or event when God has felt disturbed. His peace and presence are 
sure. They are immovable. You will accomplish many things - great and 
mighty - when you keep your focus on God. 
  At one of the most difficult points in his life, David wrote 
Psalm 91, which begins, "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most 
High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the 
LORD, 'He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in him I will 
  How could David write such words, especially with King Saul 
trying to kill him? David had a divine, unshakable peace within his 
heart. He knew this was God's responsibility and David allowed Him to 
protect his life. 
  The safest place for you when trials come is in the 
everlasting arms of Jesus. After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to His 
disciples and said to them, "Peace be with you" (John 20:19). This was not 
a trite greeting; the Lord had a specific point in mind. He spoke 
of God's peace, immovable and eternal - the peace you need today. 
  Does something trouble you? Has a conflict, a sorrow, a 
situation escalated beyond your control? Hear His message to you: "Peace 
be with you." 
  Let His peace invade your heart. Tell Him all you are feeling. 
He understands and knows that life can be difficult - but He has a 
solution. Our peace resides in our Savior, who loves us unconditionally. 
He has promised to keep us and deliver us into the Father's loving 
arms. [Life Principles SB By Charles Stanley re Psa. 4:8] 

The Christian who shares the confidence of the psalmist need 
have no fear during either the slumbers of the night or the duties of 
the day. [SDA Bible Commentary] 

God is unchanging. If we find our joy in the Lord, that joy will 
be with us always.  [The 365-Day Devotional Commentary] 

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