Matthew 16:19 - The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Matthew 16:19 - The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Matthew 16:19 (AMP)   I will give you the keys of the kingdom of 
heaven; and whatever you bind (declare to be improper and unlawful) on 
earth must be what is already bound in heaven; and whatever you loose 
(declare lawful) on earth must be what is already loosed in heaven. [Isa 

Matthew 16:19 (CWR)  In the Word of God I have given you the 
keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you do according to Scripture 
has already been approved by heaven. What you do contrary to 
Scripture has already been disapproved by heaven. 


"The keys of the kingdom of heaven" are the words of Christ. All 
the words of Holy Scripture are His, and are here included. These 
words have power to open and to shut heaven. They declare the 
conditions upon which men are received or rejected. Thus the work of those 
who preach God's word is a savor of life unto life or of death unto 
death. {DA 413.6}   

The "keys" to the kingdom of heaven are the words of Christ 
(John 1:12; 17:3). It is important to note that Christ Himself speaks 
of the "key" here referred to as "the key of knowledge" of how to 
enter the kingdom (Luke 11:52). The words of Jesus are "spirit" and 
"life" to all who receive them. It is the words of Christ that bring 
eternal life (John 6:68). The word of God is the key to the new-birth 
experience (1 Peter 1:23).... The argument that Christ bestowed upon Peter a 
degree of authority greater than, or different from, that which He gave 
to the other disciples, is without scriptural basis. As a matter of 
fact, among the apostles it was James and not Peter who exercised 
administrative functions over the early church in Jerusalem. [SDA Commentary] 


As frequently used throughout the ministry of Christ, the 
"kingdom of heaven" here refers to the kingdom of divine grace in the 
hearts of those who become its citizens, here and now. No one can ever 
hope to enter the future kingdom of glory who has not first entered 
the present kingdom of His grace. [SDA Commentary] 


The expressions "will be bound in heaven" and "will be loosed in 
heaven" are examples in Greek of the periphrastic future perfect passive 
construction and should, therefore, be translated "will have been bound 
already" and "will have been loosed already" in heaven. In other words, 
Peter's pronouncement of "binding" or "loosing" is dependent upon what 
heaven has already willed, rather than earth's giving direction to 
heaven. [Believer's SB] 

  The entire statement reads literally, "Whatever you bind on 
earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth 
shall have been loosed in heaven." The meaning evidently is this, that 
the church on earth will require only what heaven requires and will 
prohibit only what heaven prohibits. This seems to be the clear teaching 
of the Scriptures. As the apostles went forth to proclaim the 
gospel, according to the commission entrusted to them, they were to 
teach converts "to observe all things whatsoever" Christ had 
commanded--no more and no less.  
  To extend the meaning of "bind" and "loose" to the authority 
to dictate what members of the church may believe and what they may 
do, in matters of faith and practice, is to read into these words of 
Christ more than He meant by them, and more than the disciples 
understood by them. Such a claim God does not sanction. Christ's 
representatives on earth have the right and the responsibility to "bind" 
whatever has been "bound in heaven" and to "loose" whatever has been 
"loosed in heaven," that is, to require or to prohibit whatever 
Inspiration clearly reveals. But to go beyond this is to substitute human 
authority for the authority of Christ. [SDA Commentary] 


  The keys of the kingdom represent the access you have to the 
Father through your relationship to Jesus Christ. With this 
relationship you have access to everything that is accessible to Christ. 
However, this access is not given indiscriminately; Jesus gave the keys 
to His disciples only after they recognized that He was the Christ. 
Once the disciples were convinced that Jesus was the Savior, they 
entered into a unique and personal relationship with Him. Their 
relationship to Jesus gave them direct access to their heavenly Father. 
Likewise, your relationship with Christ opens the door of heaven for you 
and gives you direct access to the Father. 
  Peter discovered that once he had keys to the kingdom, he 
could go to the Father in every situation. When he stood to preach 
before thousands on the day of Pentecost, this simple fisherman opened 
the door to the kingdom for three thousand people in one day (Ac 
2:41). When he encountered a lame man, he used his access to God and 
His healing power, and the man was healed (Ac 3:6). When he was 
imprisoned, Peter discovered that the keys of the kingdom could open even 
the most secure prison door (Ac 12:6-10). 
  If you are a Christian you, too, have keys to the kingdom of 
heaven. You do not need an intermediary, for you have an unobstructed 
access to God. With that access come all the resources you need to face 
any circumstance. When you are afraid, you have access to God's 
peace that surpasses comprehension (Php 4:6). When you have a broken 
relationship, you have access to the God of reconciliation (2Co 5:18-21). When 
you meet someone in need, you have access to God's provision for 
that person. What an incredible privilege to be entrusted with keys 
to the kingdom of heaven! [Experiencing God Day by Day by Henry and 
Richard Blackaby re Mat. 16:19]