Matthew 6:33, 34 - Our Greatest Need Is A Relationship With Jesus.

Mat. 6:33, 34 - Our Greatest Need Is A Relationship With Jesus.

Mat. 6:33, 34 (NCV) The thing you should want most is God's 
kingdom and doing what God wants. Then all these other things you need 
will be given to you.  So don't worry about tomorrow, because 
tomorrow will have its own worries. Each day has enough trouble of its 

  Jesus often reminded His followers not to worry. He told them 
not to be anxious about tomorrow's needs or potential problems (Mt 
6:25). Rather, Jesus stressed a daily reliance on the Father, who 
provides for His children day by day.  
  As the Israelites wandered in the desert, they had no way to 
get food. Miraculously, God provided manna that appeared on the 
ground each morning. God's provision was sufficient for one day at a 
time. Each day the children of Israel received fresh manna as a 
tangible reminder of God's love for them. If they attempted to store it 
for the days to come, they found that it had spoiled by the next 
day. It was impossible to stockpile God's provision, because God 
wanted them to trust in Him, not in their pantry. God's grace was 
sufficient for each day.  
  God wants us to trust Him daily with our needs. This trust 
does not make us poor planners or careless with our futures, 
unprepared to face what may come. Rather, it keeps our relationship with 
the Lord in its proper perspective as He reminds us daily of our 
dependence upon Him. God is aware of what tomorrow will bring and how we 
should prepare for it. He knows the problems we will face, and He has 
already made provision for us to overcome them. He asks us to trust in 
Him daily. Our faith in Him today cannot substitute for our trust in 
Him tomorrow. If we walk with Him closely today, we will be in the 
center of His will tomorrow. [Experiencing God Day by Day by Henry and 
Richard Blackaby re Mat. 6:11]