Mark 4:14 - Sowing With Singing.

Mark 4:14 - Sowing With Singing.

Mark 4:14 (NKJV) The sower sows the word. 

Mark 4:14 (CWR)  "The sower sowing on the hillside represents a 
man sharing the good news of salvation from the Scriptures.  

The sower soweth the word - Luke says, "the seed is the word of 
God" (8:11). The real question is, "Who is the sower?" According to 
Matthew 13:37, the Son of man, Jesus, is the sower. It is obvious that 
right in this situation and as long as he was on earth, Jesus was a 
sower spreading God's message, but it is also clear that the whole 
point of his teaching was to train his disciples to be sowers as well, 
in spreading God's message to other men. In this parable it is the 
same sower and the same seed from start to finish. But it is what the 
sower does with the seed, and what happens to it as a result, that 
makes the story important. The whole point is to examine the various 
kinds of soil in which a person can plant. These different soils 
represent, of course, different types of human beings. In one sense, it 
might be more appropriate to call this "the parable of the soils" 
rather than "the parable of the sower." Some people have called it "the 
Parable of Parables" because it describes how men will react to all of 
Jesus' teachings. [Jamieson, Fausset, And Brown Commentary] 

The parable teaches that there would be four different responses 
to the Word: no response, emotional response, worldly response, and 
fruitful response. [Ryrie SB] 

  In the parable of the seeds, the four soils represent four 
different ways that people will respond to Jesus' message. Some are like 
the hard path, others are like rocky soil, and still others are like 
thorny ground. The best, of course, are those who receive the seed of 
Jesus' message in good soil.  
  Is your enthusiasm for Christ being discouraged by struggles? 
Be careful not to be like the seed on rocky soil that heard the 
message, received it with joy, but then wilted. Are you finding that the 
cares of this life are overshadowing your commitment to Christ? Be 
careful not to be like the seed on thorny ground with your joy in Christ 
being crowded out.  
  Pray that God will help you to be like the good soil so that 
the faith that's been planted in you can persevere, grow, and 
produce a harvest. That is, pray that you'll continue to grow in the 
knowledge of Jesus so that you can share his good news with others. [The 
One Year Bible for New Believers re Mark 4:16-20] 

  In West Africa people customarily sing as they work in the 
fields. They lift their voices as they plant in anticipation of the 
harvest. Perhaps this is how the farmer in the parable appeared as he 
walked through the field. As he tossed seed, it fell in various types 
of soil--some hard, some weedy, some shallow, and some good and 
fertile. Not once did Jesus describe the farmer as anxious; rather, he 
portrayed the sower as faithfully carrying out his job. 
  Sometimes we treat evangelism as a heavy burden. Instead of 
cheerfully scattering seed everywhere, we become soil testers, trying to 
determine whether or not the seed will flourish even before we plant. We 
hover over the tender shoots, trying to thwart weeds. When a seed 
doesn't produce the desired fruit, we may declare ourselves failures as 
farmers. But God has called us to plant the message of the gospel in 
whatever field he places us. It is the Lord of the harvest who nourishes 
the tiny seeds and causes them to grow. You may never see the 
bushels of souls that result from seeds you planted, but you can sing as 
you sow and anticipate a harvest of thirty, sixty, and even a 
  Prayer: God, I can scatter seeds in my job, my neighborhood, 
my family, and plant seeds of hope in people I encounter every day. 
Help me to sing as I plant and be confident that many of those seeds 
will take root in soil that will someday produce a harvest. [Praying 
Through The Bible By Fuller re Mark 4:14] 

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