Luke 24:32 - The Secret of the Burning Heart.

Luke 24:32 - The Secret of the Burning Heart.

Luke 24:32 (NKJV) And they said to one another, "Did not our 
heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He 
opened the Scriptures to us?"  

Luke 24:32 (CWR) They looked at each other and said, "No wonder 
our hearts burned within us when He talked to us along the way and 
explained the prophecies to us! He's the Lord! He's risen! He's alive!" 

CONTEXT: On the Road to Emmaus: Luke 24:13-35.


Did not our heart burn? Spiritual illumination had been 
penetrating the darkness of their souls while they listened with rapt 
attention to Jesus unfolding the Scriptures. Now they realized what had 
happened to them. The gloom was gone. The presence of Christ had 
illuminated their humble home, and glorious truths He had unfolded to them 
dispelled the shadows of doubt and uncertainty that had fallen across 
their minds. They probably thought to themselves that this stranger 
had spoken as Jesus would have, had He been still alive and with 
them. The heart experience of these two disciples will be the 
experience of those who listen intently to the voice of Heaven speaking to 
their hearts through the Sacred Word. [SDA Bible Commentary] 

  The Bible has been robbed of its power, and the results are 
seen in a lowering of the tone of spiritual life. In the sermons from 
many pulpits of today there is not that divine manifestation which 
awakens the conscience and brings life to the soul. The hearers can not 
say, "Did not our heart burn within us, while He talked with us by 
the way, and while He opened to us the Scriptures?" Luke 24:32. 
There are many who are crying out for the living God, longing for the 
divine presence. Philosophical theories or literary essays, however 
brilliant, cannot satisfy the heart. The assertions and inventions of men 
are of no value. Let the word of God speak to the people. Let those 
who have heard only traditions and human theories and maxims hear 
the voice of Him whose word can renew the soul unto everlasting 
life.  {COL 40.1}   
  Christ's favorite theme was the paternal tenderness and 
abundant grace of God; He dwelt much upon the holiness of His character 
and His law; He presented Himself to the people as the Way, the 
Truth, and the Life. Let these be the themes of Christ's ministers. 
Present the truth as it is in Jesus. Make plain the requirements of the 
law and the gospel. Tell the people of Christ's life of self-denial 
and sacrifice; of His humiliation and death; of His resurrection and 
ascension; of His intercession for them in the courts of God; of His 
promise, "I will come again, and receive you unto Myself." John 14:3.  
{COL 40.2}  
  Instead of discussing erroneous theories, or seeking to combat 
the opponents of the gospel, follow the example of Christ. Let fresh 
truths from God's treasure house flash into life. "Preach the word." 
"Sow beside all waters." "Be instant in season, out of season." "He 
that hath My word, let him speak My word faithfully. What is the 
chaff to the wheat? saith the Lord." "Every word of God is pure. . . . 
Add thou not unto His words, lest He reprove thee, and thou be found 
a liar." 2 Timothy 4:2; Isaiah 32:20; Jeremiah 23:28; Proverbs 
30:5, 6.  {COL 40.3}   

  Even though the men Jesus encountered on the road to Emmaus 
had been with Jesus before his death, they hadn't grasped the fact 
that his death had been prophesied by the Old Testament and by Jesus 
himself. So Jesus connected the dots for them. He started from the 
writings of Moses and then walked them through all of the prophets, 
"explaining from all the Scriptures the things concerning himself" (24:27). 
Now that would have been quite a Bible study! Jesus opened their 
minds to the meaning of all of the prophecies regarding him. And 
finally, Jesus opened their eyes, and they got it! 
  God's Word needs to be understood and applied to life. You 
won't understand everything you read, but the more you read, the more 
you'll learn and the more you'll understand. From beginning to end, the 
Bible is about Jesus. It tells what happened to humanity, why we 
needed a Savior, and what God did about it. It tells of God's great 
love for us. It assures us of eternity. Ask God to help you "get it" 
when you read his Word. [The One Year Bible for New Believers re Luke 

Their hearts burned as they heard Him teach the Scriptures; and 
soon, the mourners became missionaries and shared the good news with 
others. Do you allow the Holy Spirit to teach you (John 16:13-15)? 
[Chapter by Chapter Bible Commentary by Warren Wiersbe] 

We must learn to maintain the secret of the burning heart-a 
heart that can go through anything. It is the simple, dreary day, with 
its commonplace duties and people, that smothers the burning heart 
unless we have learned the secret of abiding in Jesus. [In His Time; My 
Utmost For His Highest] 

That Resurrection morning, as two of Jesus' disciples trudged 
along the dusty road to Emmaus, a town about seven miles from 
Jerusalem, their faces were downcast. Mournful and gloomy, they undoubtedly 
made dreary companions that Easter morn. Yet when Jesus joined them 
in the guise of a stranger, the two disciples revealed they had a 
host of Resurrection facts! They even told the friendly Stranger 
about the empty tomb. Yes, some of their company had talked with 
angels, who said Jesus had risen from the dead. Yes, two disciples had 
gone to the tomb, and found it empty. But they hadn't seen Him. So as 
these disciples trudged along, their faces sad, their hearts burdened, 
mourning the triumph they thought a tragedy, Jesus traced the Old 
Testament passages which predicted the Messiah's death and foretold His 
resurrection. And even then the two disciples couldn't shake their gloom. 
Downcast disciples. Downcast disciples, walking along the road with Jesus 
by their side. Downcast disciples, mourning as though their God 
really were dead rather than with them, and triumphantly alive. If you 
think that this is strange, think for a moment about your own life. 
Have you forgotten what the two on the road to Emmaus didn't know? Do 
you find that you have a downcast mood that slips up on all of us 
now and then. But when it does, that's the time to remember the 
lesson of the road to Emmaus. Our feelings do not fit the facts! We're 
not alone anymore. Jesus lives, and our resurrected Lord walks our 
road with us. When we focus our attention on Him, and realize how 
close beside us He is, that downcast mood will be replaced by joy. 
[The 365-Day Devotional Commentary re Luke 24:13-35] 

  Jesus joins those who are earnestly seeking Him. Two men 
walked along the road to Emmaus discussing the confusing events that 
had just occurred in Jerusalem. They thought they had understood the 
happenings of their day, but the death of Jesus had left them disoriented 
to God and His activity in their world. They had hoped that Jesus 
was the Messiah, but His death had left them perplexed and 
discouraged. They needed answers. 
  God reads the heart and knows the honest pursuit of His will 
by His children. Jesus drew near to these men, walked with them, 
and opened their minds to what the Scriptures said about Him and 
about the events of their day. As Jesus was speaking, their hearts 
burned within them! As they listened to Jesus relate the Scriptures to 
what they were experiencing, they knew in their hearts that they were 
hearing God's truth. Their doubts vanished, excitement overcame them, 
and they raced back to share the truth with their friends! 
  If you become bewildered by circumstances in your life, Jesus 
can reorient you to Himself through the Scriptures just as He did 
for these two men. From your human perspective, the situation may be 
confusing and discouraging. It takes the presence of Christ to open your 
eyes to the truth of the Scriptures. Have your circumstances confused 
you? You need Jesus to give you His perspective. Once you've heard 
from Him, you'll be like these two men, excited to join God in what 
He is doing around you and eager to include others in the 
experience. [Experiencing God Day by Day by Henry and Richard Blackaby re 
Luke 24:32] 

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