Acts 16:31 - The Way of Salvation. (addendum)

Acts 16:31 - The Way of Salvation.  (addendum)

Acts 16:31 (KJV)  And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus 
Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house. 

Acts 16:31 (CEV)  They replied, "Have faith in the Lord Jesus 
and you will be saved!  This is also true for everyone who lives in 
your home." 

Acts 16:31 (NLV)  Put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and 
you and your family will be saved from the punishment of sin. 

CONTEXT: Paul and Silas in Prison: Acts 16:16-40.


This verse encapsulates the message of the entire Bible. In 
eternity past, long before Adam and Eve's sin in the Garden of Eden, God 
had planned a way to save people from punishment (Ephesians 1:3-5). 
In eternity future, we'll enjoy the pleasures and benefits of 
heaven (Psalm 16:11). And it's all through our faith in Jesus Christ. 
[The 365 Daily Promise Bible By Barbour] 

  As exhausted as he felt, Silas could not sleep. The stale air 
in the inner cell made breathing difficult, and the torment of his 
wounds kept him from getting much needed sleep. Would he or Paul live 
to see another day? Silas did not know. 
  Yet Silas neither meditated on injustice nor despaired of his 
situation. Instead, faith filled his heart. When Silas and Paul lifted 
their voices in song, a violent earthquake shook the prison. Soon they 
led the jailer and his entire family to the Lord. 
  You have a song to sing as well. Though your situation may 
feel overwhelming, are you willing to trust God in your 
circumstances? Do you believe that no problem is beyond His power? As you allow 
God to conduct the symphony of your life, you will see Him shaking 
your own prisons. Will you, like Paul and Silas, lift up your voice 
to herald the coming victory? [Life Principles SB by Charles 
Stanley re Acts 16:24-34] 

Almost persuaded to be a Christian is like the man who was 
almost pardoned, but he was hanged; like the man who was almost 
rescued, but he was burned in the house. A man that is almost saved is 
damned. Charles Spurgeon 

Knowing and obeying God's Word will bring blessings to your 
life. But if God is to bless you, you must sincerely seek the Lord and 
not just study the Bible. It is not facts in the head but truth in 
the heart that makes you grow in the Lord. Review Psalm 1. [Chapter 
by Chapter Bible Commentary by Warren Wiersbe re Psa119:1-8]