2 Chronicles 17:6 - Courageous In The Lord and Christian Education.

2 Chronicles 17:6 - Courageous In The Lord and Christian 

2 Chronicles 17:6 (ESV) His heart was courageous in the ways of 
the Lord. And furthermore, he took the high places and the Asherim 
out of Judah.  

2 Chronicles 17:6 (NIV) His heart was devoted to the ways of the 
Lord; furthermore, he removed the high places and the Asherah poles 
from Judah.  

2 Chronicles 17:6 (NLT) He was deeply committed to the ways of 
the Lord. He removed the pagan shrines and Asherah poles from Judah. 

2 Chronicles 17:6 (AMP) His heart was cheered and his courage 
was high in the ways of the Lord; moreover, he took away the high 
places and the Asherim out of Judah.  

CONTEXT: Jehoshaphat, King of Judah: 2Ch. 17:1-19.

  Jehoshaphat's life is described in Psalm 1:1-3. He walked in 
the right counsel (17:3), he delighted in God's ways (17:6), and he 
was fruitful in his service, sharing the Word with the people 
(17:7-9). He practiced the fear of the Lord, so he was protected by the 
fear of the Lord. When you fear God, you need fear nothing else (Ps. 
  But Jehoshaphat married the wrong wife, joined the wrong 
allies, fought the wrong war, and almost came to the wrong end. By 
walking "in the counsel of the ungodly" and sitting with the scornful 
(18:9; Ps. 1:1), the king found himself in serious trouble. He had to 
listen to false prophets and go to battle with a king depending on 
false confidence. 
  The pressure to conform is greater today than in that day. Are 
you resisting it? [Chapter by Chapter Bible Commentary by Warren 
Wiersbe re 2Ch. 17; 18] 

APPLICATION COMMENTARY With Emphasis On Verse 7 and 9.

The heart desire of Jehoshaphat was to follow after the Lord 
(cf. vv. 3-5). His desire was so pronounced that the unusual 
expression "his heart took delight in the ways of the Lord" is used to 
describe it. He recognized the need for constant vigil against idolatry. 
Even during the reign and revival in the days of Asa, idolatry 
continued to recur in Judah (cf. 15:1, note). In order to accomplish his 
spiritual warfare against idolatry, Jehoshaphat removed high places and 
idols and sent out prophets and Levites to teach the leaders of Judah 
in "the Law of the Lord" (vv. 7-9). The expression "the Book of the 
Law of the Lord" probably refers to the Pentateuch, or Torah (cf. 
34:14; 1 Chr 29:29, note; Ps. 119). [Believer's SB re vv. 6-9] 

His heart was lifted up. This expression as used in the KJV is 
usually employed in a bad sense (see Deut. 8:14; 2 Chron. 26:16; Eze. 
28:2, 17), but here it has an entirely different meaning. The heart of 
Jehoshaphat was lifted up in God and in His ways. The king found both 
satisfaction and joy in his experience with God. Emboldened by a sense of 
divine favor resting upon him, he took heart to venture upon further 
reforms and to encourage his people in the ways of the Lord. His great 
aim in life was to exalt, not himself, but God. [SDA Bible 

The people of Judah were biblically illiterate. They had never 
taken time to listen to and discuss God's law and understand how it 
could change them. Jehoshaphat realized that knowing God's commands 
was the first step to getting people to live as they should, so he 
initiated a nationwide religious education program. He reversed the 
religious decline that had occurred at the end of Asa's reign by putting 
God first in the people's minds and instilling in them a sense of 
commitment and mission. Because of this action, the nation began to follow 
God. Churches and Christian schools today need solid Christian 
education programs. Exposure to good Bible teaching through Sabbath 
school, church, Bible study, and personal and family devotions is 
essential for living as God intended. [Life Application SB re vv 7-9 mod] 

The creative energy that called the worlds into existence is in 
the word of God. This word imparts power; it begets life. Every 
command is a promise; accepted by the will, received into the soul, it 
brings with it the life of the Infinite One. It transforms the nature 
and re-creates the soul in the image of God.  {Ed 126}   


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