Romans 11:33 - Reasons to Praise, Worship and Service God.

Romans 11:33 - Reasons to Praise, Worship and Service God.

Romans 11:33 (NKJV) Oh, the depth of the riches both of the 
wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His 
ways past finding out!  

Romans 11:33 (AMP) Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and 
knowledge of God! How unfathomable (inscrutable, unsearchable) are His 
judgments (His decisions)! And how untraceable (mysterious, 
undiscoverable) are His ways (His methods, His paths)!  


The depth. That is, the immeasurable and inexhaustible 
fullness... Paul has reached the climax of his argument. It began with the 
condemnation of all (Rom. 1; 2), but it has closed with mercy upon all. The 
wrath "revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and 
unrighteousness" (ch. 1:18) has given place to the mercy that embraces all the 
peoples of the earth. This great truth, which Paul has summed up in ch. 
11:32, leads him to break forth in acknowledgment of the infinite 
wisdom and goodness of God. [SDA Bible Commentary] 

Riches. By means of these fathomless resources of glory and 
grace God has been able to bring good even out of evil. [SDA Bible 

Judgments. Or, "decisions,"  [SDA Bible Commentary]

Past finding out. literally, "which cannot be traced out." The 
only other NT occurrence of this word is in Eph. 3:8. The book of Job 
is a commentary on the inscrutable mystery of God's ways (see Job 
5:9; 9:10). Some of God's wisdom may be known (Rom. 1:20), but not 
all (cf. Eccl. 8:17). Even Paul, with his great intellect and his 
keen insight into the things of God, is constrained to acknowledge 
that God's decisions and ways are beyond man's limited understanding. 
God reveals to us as much of His wisdom and purposes as is for our 
best good. Beyond that we must rely upon the ample evidences of His 
love, mercy, and power. [SDA Bible Commentary] 

CONTEXT: Doxology: Romans 11:33-36.

  The theology of Romans 9-11 magnifies God's grace and extols 
His sovereignty. Never lose the wonder of your salvation or of the 
greatness of God. No matter how deep the valley or difficult the battle, a 
vision of God's greatness puts joy in your heart and strength in your 
soul. God knows what He is doing even if you do not understand it 
  There is a future for Israel; Paul is proof of that (v. 1; 1 
Tim. 1:16), and so is Israel's past history (vv. 2-10). God has 
always had a believing remnant in Israel, no matter how dark the day. 
When you become discouraged about the future of the church and feel 
that you may be the only faithful Christian left, read 1 Kings 19 and 
focus on God's greatness. 
  We cannot explain all the purposes and plans of God, but we 
can worship and praise Him for who He is (vv. 33-36). The end result 
of all Bible study is worship, and the end result of all worship is 
service to the God we love. [Chapter by Chapter Bible Commentary by 
Warren Wiersbe re Rom. 11] 

"Doxology" is a compound term from glory and  word. Together 
they mean a "glorifying word"; an expression of praise that glorifies 
God. The doxology that concluded Paul's survey of Israel's 
relationship with God and the Gospel expressed praise for the complexity and 
beauty of God's plan. It was as if Paul had picked up a diamond cut by 
a master craftsman, and saw brilliant lights reflected from a 
multitude of facets. And suddenly he would find his heart filled with 
praise of the variegated wisdom, the vast knowledge, the intricate 
matrix of God's plan. Theologians argue over Israel. Is there a future 
for Israel as Israel? Or is Israel today integrated within the 
church, which has inherited the ancient promises of the prophets? 
Personally I think the church and Israel are separate facets of a single, 
beautiful, complex divine plan. I think that this is exactly what Paul 
taught in Romans 11:25-32, with his reminder that "all Israel will be 
saved" and that God's "gifts and His call are irrevocable." Perhaps 
verses 35-36 have an even more direct application to you and me. From 
my perspective I can only see a tiny facet of what God is doing in 
the world. I see my tiny circle of brothers and sisters. I know the 
prayers He answers for us, the little daily miracles He performs. But 
all too often I forget that there are literally millions in this 
world who experience God as I do. Who see Him at work. And who rejoice 
in His goodness. If you or I could travel out in space, we'd see a 
globe inhabited now by over 5 billion human beings! And, if we had the 
spiritual sight, and each work God performed gave off an instantaneous 
flash, this globe would be alight with millions of points of brilliant 
light! Perhaps then we would catch a glimpse of the qualities of God 
that Paul praised here. And we would say with him, in awe, "Oh, the 
depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!" And, in 
renewed love, we would cry, "To Him be the glory forever! Amen!" [The 
365-Day Devotional Commentary] 

The doxology that ends this section of Romans is the natural 
outpouring of Paul's praise to God, whose wisdom and knowledge brought 
about his great plan for the salvation of both Jews and Gentiles. [NIV 
SB 2008] 


God alone is the possessor of absolute power and absolute 
wisdom. In the final analysis, all of us are absolutely dependent on 
God. He is the source of all things, including ourselves. He is the 
power that sustains and rules the world that we live in. And God works 
out all things to bring glory to himself. The all-powerful God 
deserves our praise. [Life Application SB] 

Why are there secrets God has not revealed? There are some 
secrets God has chosen not to reveal to us, possibly for the following 
reasons: (1) our finite minds cannot fully understand the infinite 
aspects of God's nature and the universe (Eccl. 3:11); (2) some things 
are unnecessary for us to know; and (3) God is infinite and 
all-knowing, and we do not have the capacity to know everything he does. This 
verse shows that although God has not told us everything there is to 
know about obeying him, he has told us enough. Thus disobedience 
comes from an act of the will, not a lack of knowledge. Through God's 
Word we know enough about him to be saved by faith and to serve him. 
[The One Year Bible Companion] 

  "The secret things belong unto the Lord our God: but those 
things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children forever." 
Deuteronomy 29:29. The revelation of Himself that God has given in His word 
is for our study. This we may seek to understand. But beyond this 
we are not to penetrate. The highest intellect may tax itself until 
it is wearied out in conjectures regarding the nature of God, but 
the effort will be fruitless. This problem has not been given us to 
solve. No human mind can comprehend God. None are to indulge in 
speculation regarding His nature. Here silence is eloquence. The Omniscient 
One is above discussion.  {MH 429.1} 
  Even the angels were not permitted to share the counsels 
between the Father and the Son when the plan of salvation was laid. And 
human beings are not to intrude into the secrets of the Most High. We 
are as ignorant of God as little children; but, as little children, 
we may love and obey Him. Instead of speculating in regard to His 
nature or His prerogatives, let us give heed to the words He has 
  Neither by searching the recesses of the earth nor in vain 
endeavors to penetrate the mysteries of God's being, is wisdom found. It 
is found, rather, in humbly receiving the revelation that He has 
been pleased to give, and in conforming the life to His will.  {MH 

We will never completely understand God's ways or grasp why He 
does what He does, but we can worship Him for the goodness and love 
and mercy that He has already shown us!  [Life Principles SB By 
Charles Stanley] 


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