Isaiah 14:24 - God's is Sovereign.

Isaiah 14:24 - God's is Sovereign.

Isaiah 14:24 (TNIV) The Lord Almighty has sworn, "Surely, as I 
have planned, so it will be, and as I have purposed, so it will 

Isaiah 14:24 (TEV) The LORD Almighty has sworn an oath: "What I 
have planned will happen.  What I have determined to do will be done. 

Isaiah 14:24 (NCV) The LORD All-Powerful has made this promise: 
"These things will happen exactly as I planned them; they will happen 
exactly as I set them up. 

Isaiah 14:24 (NLT) The LORD Almighty has sworn this oath: "It 
will all happen as I have planned. It will come about according to my 


An Oracle concerning Assyria: Isaiah 14:24-27.

COMMENTARY APPLICATION with Emphasis on v. 24.

Putting Together the Pieces of a Prophetic Puzzle.  Three 
important predictions emerge from Isaiah13-16: 1. Babylon would break the 
Assyrian domination (14:25); 2. Media would supersede Babylon (13:17); 3. 
Babylon would disappear forever (13:19-22).  Historically, we know that 
Babylon conquered Assyria in 607 B.C., fell to the Medo-Persian armies 
in 538 B.C.; and today all that remains of once mighty Babylon is a 
few square miles of rubble - exactly as Isaiah predicted! [Daily 
Walk Bible] 

This prophecy came true as Isaiah predicted (see 2 Kings 19; 
Isaiah 37:21-38). [Life Application SB] 

The long message against Babylon is followed by a short 
pronouncement against Assyria (vs. 24-27). Assyria was accustomed to having 
its own way. By the might of her armies she believed that she could 
force her will upon all the world. God, however, would teach her that 
it is His will, not hers, that controls the earth. No purpose 
contrary to His will can prevail. [SDA Commentary] 

God is sovereign over all the earth, and his purpose will 
triumph in spite of arrogant human schemes and systems. [Cambridge 
Annotated SB]  

Those who will not deliver themselves into the hand of God's 
mercy cannot be delivered out of the hand of His Justice. [Daily Walk 

Let those that are the called according to God's purpose, 
comfort themselves, that whatever God has purposed, it shall stand. 
[Matthew Henry Commentary] 

  When our plans are upended or our dreams are shattered, when 
we feel as if we have lost it all, these verses in Isaiah encourage 
us to turn to the Lord, whose plans cannot be frustrated. Even when 
we have seen our plans and dreams go astray or crumble, God still 
has a plan for the whole world--and for us. How comforting to 
remember that nothing can change God's plans! His purposes always stand. 
His hand stretches out and moves in the earth, and no one can turn 
it back or stop him. 
  In the face of the worst tragedy or disaster, remember that 
God has a sovereign plan for the whole earth, for our nation, for 
every nation of the world, and for each one of us individually. That 
is why we can cry out to God in confidence, knowing that he will 
fulfill his purposes for each of us, for our families, and for our 
  How I praise you, FATHER, for your sovereignty, your eternal 
unshakable stability, and for your perfect wisdom and purpose. In the face 
of my broken dreams or disappointed plans, how thankful I am for 
your Word. In it I find deep and wonderful encouragement that nothing 
can thwart your purposes. And I know you will accomplish your 
perfect plans for my life. [Praying Through The Bible By Fuller] 

God's plans, like lilies pure and white, unfold. We must not 
tear the closeshut leaves apart. Time will reveal the calyxes of 
gold. Mary Riley Smith (1842-1927)  


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