1 Timothy 5: 1, 2 - Relationship Guidelines.

1 Timothy 5: 1, 2 - Relationship Guidelines.

1 Timothy 5:1, 2 (CEV) Don't correct an older man.  Encourage 
him, as you would your own father.  Treat younger men as you would 
your own brother, and treat older women as you would your own mother. 
 Show the same respect to younger women that you would to your 

There must be no evidence of discourtesy on the part of 
Christians toward any group, especially by those who are younger toward 
those who are older. Even secular propriety recognizes the moral 
appropriateness of youthful deference toward age and experience. Regardless of 
the correctness that may characterize a young person's ideas, it is 
highly disrespectful for him to treat inconsiderately those who are 
older. Such action does not commend him as a genuine Christian [SDA 
Bible Commentary] 

Respect must be paid to the dignity of years and place. The 
younger, if faulty, must be rebuked, not as desirous to find fault with 
them, but as willing to make the best of them. There is need of much 
meekness and care in reproving those who deserve reproof. [Matthew Henry 

A rebuke given solely in anger may produce fear; and may cause 
pain; but it will almost inevitably arouse resentment; and its 
ultimate effect may well be to confirm the mistaken person in the error 
of his ways.  The rebuke of anger and the reprimand of contemptuous 
dislike are seldom effective, and far more likely to do harm than good. 
. . . . The rebuke which clearly comes from love is the only 
effective one. If we ever have cause to reprimand anyone, we must do so in 
such a way as to make it clear that we do this, not because we find a 
cruel pleasure in it, not because we wish to do it, but because we are 
under the compulsion of love and seek to help, not to hurt. [Barclay 

To those of the opposite sex our relationships must always be 
marked with purity. The Arabs have a phrase for a man of chivalry; they 
call him "a brother of girls." There is a famous phrase which speaks 
of "Platonic friendship." Love must be kept for one; it is a 
fearful thing when physical things dominate the relationship between the 
sexes and a man cannot see a woman without thinking in terms of her 
body. [Barclay Commentary] 

A man in his relationship with a woman should always treat her 
as someone's mother and someone's sister.  [Tennessee Ernie Ford?] 


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