1 John 1:7 - Walking in Jesus brings Cleansing and Fellowship. (updated)

1 John 1:7 - Walking in Jesus brings Cleansing and Fellowship.  

1 John 1:7 (KJV)  But if we walk in the light, as he is in the 
light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus 
Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. 

1 John 1:7 (AMP)  But if we [really] are living and walking in 
the Light, as He [Himself] is in the Light, we have [true, unbroken] 
fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses 
(removes) us from all sin and guilt [keeps us cleansed from sin in all its 
forms and manifestations].  

1 John 1:7 (TLB)  But if we are living in the light of God's 
presence, just as Christ does, then we have wonderful fellowship and joy 
with each other, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from 
every sin. 


If we walk. The phrase "But if we walk" is suggestive of a 
life-style. The verb is in the present tense and denotes continuous action. 
John has in mind the practice and habit of life which is 
characterized by constant fellowship with God. [Believer's SB] 

To walk in the light is to live in obedience to God's 
commandments. Two things result from walking in the light: (1) fellowship with 
other believers; (2) continual cleansing from sin. [Ryrie SB] 

He is in the light. God is constantly surrounded by light that 
radiates from Himself. The best that Christians can do is to walk in the 
rays of light that emanate from God. As a traveler will follow the 
light of a guide along a dark and unknown road, so the child of God 
will follow light from the Lord along the road of life. [SDA Bible 

One with another. If we walk in the light we walk with God, from 
whom the light shines, and have fellowship not only with Him but also 
with all others who are following the Lord.... The slightest sign of 
ill will between us and our brethren should make us review our own 
conduct, to be sure that we are not veering away from the lighted path of 
life. [SDA Bible Commentary] 

To cleanse or purify. The tense indicates an ongoing, continuous 
process by which God deals not just with acts of sin but with the very 
principle of sin in our lives. John's point is that when we walk in the 
light, and are honest with God and with ourselves, we open up our 
personality to the Lord so that He can work within us to change our inner 
orientation toward sin, to an inner orientation toward righteousness. Paul 
put it this way in 2 Cor. 3:18: We "are being transformed into His 
likeness with ever increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is 
the Spirit." [Victor Bible Background Commentary] 


Walking in the Light: 1 John 1:5-2:14.


There is need of constant watchfulness, and of earnest, loving 
devotion; but these will come naturally when the soul is kept by the power 
of God through faith. We can do nothing, absolutely nothing, to 
commend ourselves to divine favor.... come to Christ,... God will accept 
every one that comes to Him trusting wholly in the merits of a 
crucified Saviour. Love springs up in the heart. There may be no ecstasy 
of feeling, but there is an abiding, peaceful trust. Every burden 
is light; for the yoke which Christ imposes is easy. Duty becomes a 
delight, and sacrifice a pleasure. The path that before seemed shrouded 
in darkness becomes bright with beams from the Sun of 
Righteousness. This is walking in the light as Christ is in the light.  1SM353, 

Christ and His word are in perfect harmony. Received and obeyed, 
they open a sure path for the feet of all who are willing to walk in 
the light as Christ is in the light... Its instruction would be to 
them as the leaves of the tree of life. It would be in them a well of 
water, springing up into everlasting life. Refreshing showers of grace 
would refresh and revive the soul, causing them to forget all toil and 
weariness. 8T193 

Sin, by its very nature, brings death--that is a fact as certain 
as the law of gravity. Jesus did not die for his own sins; he had 
none. Instead, by a transaction that we may never fully understand, he 
died for the sins of the world. When we commit our lives to Christ 
and thus identify ourselves with him, his death becomes ours. He has 
paid the penalty for our sins, and his blood has purified us. Just as 
Christ rose from the grave, we rise to a new life of fellowship with 
him. [Life Application SB] 

We shall be safe only when we consecrate ourselves to God and 
look unto Jesus, earnestly longing to work out His plan... Let none run 
ahead of Christ, but wait for the word of command, "Follow Me."... The 
Lord has promised to give light to those who seek Him with the whole 
heart. If we will but wait patiently and prayerfully upon God, and not 
follow our own impetuous plans, He will guide our decisions and open 
many doors of hope and labor... Let them not suppose that the sparks of 
their own kindling are the true light, or after a while they will find 
that, instead of following the heavenly guiding Star, they are 
following an uncertain leader.  TM211-212 

We must let Christ into our hearts and homes if we would walk in 
the light. 3T539 

Walking in the light leads to fellowship with each other. This 
fellowship among believers results from each believer's having fellowship 
with God... One cannot say that he or she communes with God and then 
refuse to commune with God's people... John's point is that the natural 
result of living in the light (in fellowship with God) should be joyful 
relationships with other Christians. (Life Application Commentary) 

The Fellowship Factor
Fellowship means more than a superficial conversation after 
church or a midweek meal together. The biblical term conveys the idea 
of a deep sharing of life, partnership together in a common cause, 
and spiritual oneness. Remember that the intimacy and fulfillment of 
biblical fellowship (whether with God or with others) first require a 
relationship. This six-question test will help determine the quality of the 
fellowship within a relationship: 
1.	Are there any unresolved tensions or conflicts in the 
relationship? (If so, these must be addressed.) 
2.	Are we spending adequate time together? (If not, there can 
never be intimacy!) 
3.	Are we communicating openly and honestly? (The sharing of 
thoughts, concerns, feelings, plans -- even motives -- is indispensable to 
true fellowship.) 
4.	Do we share the same vision? (If we are going in two 
different directions, it will be impossible to be partners.) 
5.	Are we committed to this relationship? (If the relationship 
is not a priority, then fellowship will never be a reality!) 
6.	Are we laying aside our own agendas and looking out for the 
best interests of others? (Self-centeredness cannot coexist with 
fellowship.) (Life Application Commentary) 

Love of the brethren is the product of the love of God: 
fellowship with the brethren is the proof of fellowship with God."... guilt 
resulting from sin destroys fellowship... God has made provision to cleanse 
us from whatever sin would otherwise mar our fellowship with Him or 
each other. [Expositors Bible Commentary] 


Wheel Concept (Christ is the hub and we are the spokes): As we 
draw closer to Jesus we become closer to one another.  

Picture a large circle, from the edge of which are many lines 
all running to the center. The nearer these lines approach the 
center, the nearer they are to one another.... Thus it is in the Christian 
life. The closer we come to Christ, the nearer we shall be to one 
another. God is glorified as His people unite in harmonious action.  

  The key to living a victorious, Spirit-filled Christian life 
is Jesus Christ as the Center and Lord of all we do.  With Christ 
in control, life is balanced and effective. The Wheel illustrated 
this Christ-centered life.  
  Just as the driving force in a wheel comes from the hub; so 
the power to live the Christian life comes from Jesus Christ the 
Center.  He lives in us in the Person of the Holy Spirit, whose 
expressed purpose is to glorify Christ. The rim represents the Christian 
responding to Christ's Lordship through wholeheated, day-by-day obedience 
to Him.  
  The spokes show the means by which Christ's power becomes 
operative in our lives.  We maintain personal contact with God through the 
vertical spokes -the Word and prayer.  The Word is our spiritual food as 
well as our sword for spiritual battle.  It is the foundational spoke 
for effective Christian living.  
  Opposite this is the spoke representing prayer.  Through 
prayer we have direct communication with our heavenly Father and 
receive provision for our needs. As we pray we show our dependence upon 
and trust in Him.  
  The horizontal spokes concern our relationship to people - 
believers, through Christian fellowship; and unbelievers, through 
witnessing. Fellowship centered around the Lord Jesus Christ provides the 
mutual encouragement, admonition and stimulation we all need.  As we 
draw closer to Jesus we become closer to one another.  
  The first three spokes prepare us for passing on to others all 
that we have received from the Lord.  This is accomplished through 
witnessing, sharing our own experience of Christ and declaring and 
explaining the Gospel, God's power to save. [The Wheel by the Navigators] 


  All the kids called him "Grandpa." He was a plumber with an 
eighth-grade education. But no one was more articulate about Jesus Christ 
than Grandpa Craig. 
  Kids from all over spent a lot of time with Grandpa--eating 
popcorn in his living room, having Bible studies, praying, just 
"shooting the breeze." No matter where the conversation wandered, though, 
Grandpa would always bring it around to Jesus. 
  Whenever we were talking about school or dating or the future, 
Grandpa would say, "That reminds me of something Jesus said....." or, 
"That's just like when Jesus......" and he would reveal new insights to us 
about Jesus. 
  Grandpa's life was filled with the reality of Jesus' presence. 
On Saturday afternoons, we would sometimes take long walks with 
Grandpa. He would point to the countryside and say, "Now, that's Jesus' 
way of showing us how much he loves us. He made all these things for 
us to enjoy." 
  Grandpa saw Jesus in everything around him. "See how the sun 
goes down so faithfully every evening?" he would ask. "That shows how 
faithful Jesus is to us. Just like the sun, he never lets us down." 
  When anyone wondered how to act toward a new kid in school, 
Grandpa would ask, "How would Jesus act if he were in school?" Problems 
with parents? "What would Jesus do in your shoes?" His advice was 
always simple: "Focus on Jesus. Figure it out from there." 
  In the same way that Grandpa experienced Jesus in everything, 
John 1:1-18 reminds us that Jesus is central to everything. 
	How did Grandpa reflect Jesus' light to others?
	How can your life be a light pointing others to Jesus?
	Consider pointing people to Jesus by noticing God's 
work in the world and by asking yourself what Jesus would do in 
different situations. If you're not sure, talk with a Christian friend or 
church member about the issue. 
	Consider taking a nature walk and sitting down to list 
all the ways Jesus is revealed through creation and then sharing 
your list with a friend. [Youth SB re John 1:1-18] 


Dear Child,
  I watch you laboring and fretting and anxiously striving to 
achieve things for me and my kingdom.  Hear me.  Your work is not my 
primary concern.  Your work is now, has always been, and always will be 
secondary to your relationship with me. 
  What you do will flow out of your relationship with me as 
irrigation streams flow out of a deep, clear, powerful river.  The river 
(the relationship) will set your motives and supply your strength.  
Then your work will flow forth to honor me.  Any time you allow your 
work to come ahead of your relationship with me, you risk working 
against me and my purposes. 
  Draw near to me and rest.  Seek my will at every small turn.  
Listen for my voice.  Be filled with my Spirit.  Then work with joy and 
abandon! The Source of your power, God [PostCards from Heaven by Claire 


Only perfect sacrifices can be acceptable to God. And this is 
the terrible problem that man faces, for who is perfect other than 
God? No man is; only the Son of God is perfect. This is the reason 
the Son of God had to come to earth. He had to come to sacrifice 
Himself for man. He had to take man's sins upon Himself and become man's 
substitute in death. He had to die for man. It is His death, the sacrifice 
of the blood of God's Son, that covers our sins. No person is ever 
acceptable to God unless he is free of sin, unless his sins are cleansed 
and forgiven by the blood of Christ. [Preacher's  Outline & Sermon 

Christian truth is never only intellectual; it is always moral. 
It is not something which exercises only the mind; it is something 
which exercises the whole personality.  Truth is not only the 
discovery of abstract things; it is concrete living. It is not only 
thinking; it is also acting... Christian the truth is something first to be 
discovered and then to be obeyed. [Barclay Commentary] 

John is laying down the blunt truth that the man who says one 
thing with his lips and another thing with his life is a liar. He is 
not thinking of the man who tries his hardest and yet often fails. 
"A man," said H. G. Wells, "may be a very bad musician, and may yet 
be passionately in love with music"; and a man may be very 
conscious of his failures and yet be passionately in love with Christ and 
the way of Christ... The man who professes to love Christ and 
deliberately disobeys him, is guilty of a lie. [Barclay Commentary] 

If there is bitterness in a man's heart towards any other, that 
is proof that he does not really love God. All our protestations of 
love to God are useless if there is hatred in our hearts towards any 
man. [Barclay Commentary] 


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