Daniel 3:16-18 - Faith Perfected.

Daniel 3:16-18 - Faith Perfected.

Daniel 3:16-18 (KJV)  Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, answered 
and said to the king, O Nebuchadnezzar, we are not careful to answer 
thee in this matter.  If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to 
deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of 
thine hand, O king.  But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that 
we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou 
hast set up. 


Daniel 3: The Gold Idol and Blazing Furnace.


Complying with the king's proposal would have meant violating 
the second commandment. The answer of the three men to the threats 
of Nebuchadnezzar is classic. They affirmed their confidence in God 
to deliver them from death, but also declared that they would still 
remain faithful to YAHWEH and refuse to worship the idol at Dura even 
if God did not deliver them. [Believer's SB] 

While the faithful men knew that God could deliver them, they 
were also aware that God may have chosen not to do so. Faith in God 
may not translate into victory in every circumstance. To these men 
the outcome was irrelevant, for what was at stake was not God's 
ability or their own lives, but their faith and obedience to serve Him 
regardless of the cost. [Nelson SB] 

  What the three exhibited was a quality that you and I need in 
our own spiritual lives. Complete commitment. Commitment so complete 
that even if God does not exert His miracle-working power on our 
behalf, even then we will serve God and Him only. 
  I'm not sure, but I suspect the faith of the three Hebrews was 
almost as impressive to Nebuchadnezzar as the miracle. It is to me. And 
it reminds me that as much as I like guarantees, I must commit 
myself to God in every situation of life with absolutely no assurance 
that He will perform miracles on my behalf. 
  But then, you and I do have one guarantee, after all. Our God, 
who has power to do whatever He wills, is wise enough to do not what 
I want, but what is best. 
  And this is the best guarantee of all. [The 365-Day Devotional 

The three men did not know for sure that God would deliver them; 
but even if He did not, they would still obey the Lord and not 
worship the king and his idol. Were they trusting Isaiah 41:10 and 43:2? 
The fire brought them two blessings: the Lord came and walked with 
them, and they were set free from their bonds. Fellowship and freedom 
are often found in the midst of the furnace if you are committed to 
the Lord. [Chapter by Chapter Bible Commentary by Warren Wiersbe] 

  As stressful as life is, few of us face situations as 
stressful as being thrown into a blazing fire. Daniel's three friends 
faced certain and horrific death because they refused to disobey God 
and bow down to the idol. They dealt with this deadly problem head 
on: "Because we love God, we will be obedient. Because we trust him, 
we know he will do what is best."  
  What difference would it make in the day-to-day problems you 
face if you believed God was with you and able to deliver you--maybe 
not the way you expect, but that he will indeed do so? Think about 
the stress points you endure during a week. Think about the fears 
and worries about what might happen or what has happened. You can 
face them with clear-headedness, faith, and courage when you believe 
God's goodness waits for you at the other side of whatever fire you're 
  Look past the fire to what is deep within-that "fourth 
man"--that unexpected lesson, that unseen rescue, that unknown comfort. Let 
your problems be an opportunity for you to see God and experience 
what he can do! [The One Year Bible for New Believers re Dan. 

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were pressured to deny God, but 
they chose to be faithful to him no matter what happened! They 
trusted God to deliver them, but they were determined to be faithful 
regardless of the consequences. If God always rescued those who were true 
to him, Christians would not need faith. Their religion would be a 
great insurance policy, and there would be lines of selfish people 
ready to sign up. We should be faithful to serve God whether he 
intervenes on our behalf or not. Our eternal reward is worth any suffering 
we may have to endure first. [Life Application SB] 


  When I first became a believer, I thought life would get 
easier--that there would be fewer disappointments and heartaches once I was a 
child of God. Not so. Fortunately, one of the first things God gave me 
was a love for his written Word, and as I read the Bible, he spoke 
several verses into my life about praising him no matter what. Daniel 
3:17-18 were the first, followed by Habakkuk 3:17-19 and Job 13:15. 
  I have walked through many trials over the years, including 
watching someone I love destroy himself through alcoholism. I've prayed 
many prayers, with specific ideas about how God should answer those 
prayers. Often the answers were not what I wanted. But God is still God, 
and he is still good. Because of who he is--and not what he does for 
me--I continue to praise and trust him. 
  After more than thirty years as a follower of Christ, I have 
arrived at one important truth: Nothing, absolutely nothing, enters my 
life that isn't either caused by or allowed by God so that I might 
become more like Christ. I am tested and refined in the fires. And so I 
praise him, no matter what. 
  Robin Lee Hatcher is the author of more than fifty novels, 
including Beyond the Shadows, The Victory Club, and Return to Me. Her 
awards include the Christy Award for excellence in Christian fiction. 
[The One Year Bible Live Verse Devotional] 

  At first, Ima was furious with her father. A devout Muslim, he 
forced her to attend a Christian school because of its quality 
education and discipline. But before long, Ima's eyes were opened. She 
read her Koran and did her "sholat" prayer daily, but somehow she 
felt drawn to her classmates' love and confidence. Of course, she 
refused to attend Bible class. But when a teacher asked if she would 
like to hear about the person named Jesus, Ima answered yes. 
  Soon Ima was asking many questions, especially about eternity. 
As a Muslim she believed one's good deeds and bad deeds are weighed 
on a scale at death. If the bad deeds weigh more, the person goes 
to hell. With her questions answered and through the love shared by 
teachers and classmates, Ima accepted Christ and was baptized. 
  Hearing the news, Ima's parents yelled, threatened, and 
finally disowned her. Ima found the courage to say, "I respect you, but 
I have found the right path and have eternal life. When her father 
beat her back and legs, first with a belt and then with a stick, she 
clung to the image of Christ suffering for her. She knew that if God 
could deliver Daniel from the lions' den and his friends from the 
fiery furnace, he could do the same for her. Ima had to leave home, 
but every day she reads God's Word, confident that God has shown her 
the one true way to heaven. 
  The story of Ima, a young believer in Indonesia, was reported 
in the September 2006 issue of The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter. 
[The One Year Bible Live Verse Devotional] 


Perfect faith has such trust in God's love and power that 
believers hold to God no matter what happens, no matter who seeks to 
change their minds, or what threats they face. [Disciple SB] 


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